2:09:00 PM

The void he feels -

Void, miserable to hide;

Yet the ego dominates;

Overshadowing the tide

And the spirit purges,

The overwhelming surge…

-By Preferred to be Unknown

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  1. Ego is scary. o.o
    Ooooh you have a blue guitar??!! thats so awesome!! =D

  2. no doubt it is...

    and naah i don't have it ... but yeah my friend does have it !! so i took a pic when he was playing it !!

  3. @siras
    lolz... she was talking about my dp yaar :p !!

    anyways.... the author hmmm u can call it a part of me or something !! i don't write such stuff !! thats why its unknown !! wait lemme edit its name and read it !!


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