Hijrat Mumkin Nahi

6:24:00 AM

Aj muhabbat ki wakaalat nahi ki ja sakti,
Shehr bhar sey toh adaawat nahi ki ja sakti..
Mera chehra meri ankhein hain salaamat ab bhi,
Kon kehta hai wazaahat nahi ki jaa sakti ...
Baat yeh hai key koi toot key chahey toh sahi,
Her kisi sey toh muhabbat nahi ki ja sakti..
Aankh kehti hai kahin aur chalein jayein hum,
Dil yeh kehta hai key hijrat nahi ki ja sakti..
Loh-e-dil per yehi tehreer likhi hai "WASSI",
Ishq waloun ko naseehat nahi ki jaa sakti...

=) !!! Hehe so get this thing in head people ... nobody can make me or anyother person understand that what to do and what to not :p !! lolz... People who are in love are insane :p ... we have to make us stable ... but yes your prayers ... your words do give lot of piece to us ... i don't know about others... but to see you all with me YES IT MAKES ME WANNA LIVE AND STAND AGAIN !!

khair the down down drama is a little less now ... things are pretty bad at home dadi is ill (i don't know why she does so much drama ... just to gain attention when she wants some things done) .... anyways ... and me on a huge fight with dad for the past 3 days (as usual, we can't even stop argueing ....) coz i know what am saying is right !! and yes i am right mom on my side ... but coz of me she has to fight with him as well !! anywayssss

things are better was really not feeling well for past few days .. MIGRAIN , and other stuff .... was low .... spent the last three days in my bed not going anywhere ... and again trying to get up on my feet ... AND WELL LOOK WHOSE BACKK :p ... mee UBAID !! lolz....

Love remains... no matter what happens... i'll miss you no matter what happens, i'll love you no matter what happens... you were my eternal dream... yes i have to move on ... but that won't stop me loving u !! coz your love was worth keeping till the end ... i don't know about ur love for me ... but mine is still there... and it has made a part

yaarrr i feel so hungry at the moment ... like i am having breakfast along ... per still feel like stuffing my self with chocolate... especially kitkat !!

and by the way have something to say about all of you.... ab larnay na lag jaana key kis kaa naam uper hai aur kis kaa neechay :p

(my really old friend... who's been always there for me... A.K.A fragile... yaar i always pray for u yaar... kash tumhari zindagi main khushiyan aa jayein),

(my cool canadian friend, jis ney mujhey lecture suna suna key mayray kaan paka diya :p ... aur mayri ankhoun main dard karwaa diya),

Siras (love your mood swings... lolz... and yeah we can keep on talking forever on your posts =] )

(baig wali :p ... oye tum itna kyun bolti ho ??? :p .. lolz no doubt me love what u say ... per still itna naa bola ker yaar lolz... j/k ... bol liya ker :D)

Marina (fankzz for the prayers... and hayee itna naa mara ker mujhey... jab dekho taphak taphak hi aata rehta hai),

Eeda(bakri baahhh:p and haan haan i know that u love me :p ),

Chun Chun (thanks for keeping up the vanishing act .... lolz... dude wapis aa jaa yaar apni us duniya sey missing u too !!)

Ayla (ayla rey larki mast mast tu yailaa rey ;) ... lolz hmm tanees... tayray baray main mujhey kuch kehnay ki zaroorat nahi ... coz u know what u are worth hain naa ... and plus WE TAURIANSS ROCK :d )

Mehreen (hehe fankss for ur positive comments... oye kahan ho tum... its been ages since i saw u hanging aroung)

Bush (i know u don't read much of my blog ... coz of emo ... but kiddo !! kuch nahi ... no need to say anything to u ... coz u know it)

Mubi (yaar ur words always take me to a new world... per khair yaar REALITY isn't that beautiful ... as your words are...)

Lunatic (hmmm i hope things turn out good on ur side first)

( i just love your comments... they are honestly really supportive),

Raaji (i should say some poetic words to u ... per khair i love ur words)

HFM (hey where are u ??)

Nadia (definitly have learnt alot in life... and ur words are purely logical ... and practical)

Asma (love the way u like to comment especially on the food :p)

Komal (hey come back dude... we miss u on blogging world, although i can see u online daily per phir bhi missing ur writtings),

Falakk gee (you always make me smile... with ur funny posts... and hey VIRTUAL HUGZ... i love teasing u with these :p)

Saeeda (hey welcome back girl... was missing you )

IOM (girl u rock)

Smiley (you definitly make me smile girl... and pls no more BOX)

Outcast (another missing person out there)


The rising dawn opened it's bright eyes,
All I could think about is all of you.

You granted me this wonderful feeling, God,
You gave me so many people to love,
You gave me so many people to talk to,
What else do I need?

You granted me the perfect life,
With eternal happiness
--If just the word _if_ doesn't exist--
My life would have been the perfect one.

It has flaws,
For I'm not You, God,
But I'm still thankful,
That you granted me so many puzzle pieces
Of joy in my life.

All of you erase my fears,
And made me think that I could have the world
If I want to,
Even if that positivity lasted for a moment,
All of you grant the impossible in my life.
What more could I ask for?

I know I still have a list of things I want;
To be besides HER,
Is the number one.

But for now,
It's good enough that all of you are with me,
And though all of you are "so close,
Yet so far,"

It's simply "so close,
Yet so far."
Our warm hearts intertwined,
And later on, our all.

It's a sweet feelings all of you gave me.
Thanks for that, really,
All of you gave me somethings that no one would ever give.

yeah i know it was a poor try .... but still ... I LOVE U ALL !! :D !! And All of the guys Abdullah, Talisman (best friend dudett), Abbas (love your insane comments), Sawj (lolz your last night comment was amazing :p), Ahmer (am loving ur poems dude), Illusion (love ur vanishing acts :d) ... the above thing is for u too ... but don't take it in the gay sense ;) lolz... buhahah !!

and oh yeah felt like adding color over here... coz u all do add it to my life :) !!

NOTE: Blogger won't be updating this on your readers and stuff so you'll have to check this out manually :) !!

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  1. =] thanx! ur soo kind =P love the poetry .. both of them .. n im happy u decided to move on .. *hugz*

  2. I never knew you were a broken Romeo too! :P

    Wanna share? Email me if you do.

  3. And thanks for the kind words!

  4. @Iom
    wow... cool THREE A* ... thats good work...

    congrats girl :) !!

    and u know u are always welcome :) !!

  5. @ayla
    Jaanta houn ;) !! tell me something new :d !!

    lolz kuch kha laina tha yaar ! ainay dramay kyun ;) !!

    yeah i knew u would do that :) !! and wohi ker rahan houn !!

    eeehhh i don't like meethay chawal... Ice cream ya cake chalay gaa :D !!

  6. @marina
    U are special buddy =) !! no doubt about it :) !!

    *hugz back*

  7. @ugly
    no man..... :p lolz

    hahaha why would i think such a thing :p ... NAHIIII !! hahah

    waisey are u gay ;) ?? lolz

    just kidding !!

    and u are welcome !!

  8. Got my laptop back yesterday and am catching up on posts now, so I just saw this. Thanks, dude. :)

    Also, I don't mind the hugs now. As long as you don't come over here and gimme one, it's fine. :)


  9. hahaha... falak gee... don't worry i wont come there and hug u... these are just virtual ones... the ones from the heart =) !!


Keep them coming; its never wrong to interact!