8:38:00 PM

I can survive and still live though you are gone, doesn't really matter, my heart won't shatter, what if i am alone. Let the flowers bloom let the birds chirp... I won't drown in gloom. Let the wind whisper sweet nothings, let the cloud flirt the fragrance, the lilting melody, the nightly croon. Nothing can make me miss you, nothing can sway,


It rained today.......


read it somehwere or somebody told me... yaad nahi .... uper sey it rained today toh aiween post ker dia .... and yeah yeah i know i do miss you whether it rains or not ... but this is true when ever it rains it brings a pain along.... it hurts more then it usually does... maybe coz we have lot of memories with it ...pata nahi yaar... but .... hmmm kuch nahi ... khush raho... and i do hope and pray that you are fine.... and obviously I STILL LOVE U !!

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  1. it always rains here.. and it sucks, cus it reminds me of pakistan, it reminds me of my schoolife, my best friends, him, and a lot more =]..
    laiken rain in pakistan, ka apna maza hay.. i love that geeli mitti ki khusbhoo.. rarely get to smell it here =(

  2. @ayla
    yaar log lagta hai bohat perhtay hain wahan per :p ... whenever i talk to people who are in abroad they are usually studying :p ...

    and NO U ARE LUCKY THAT U DON'T REMEMBER UR DREAMS .... coz the ones i have are hmmmm about my past ... about the things which she and i decided to do and other shit ... and most of them are nightmares ... but i still love seeing them coz it makes me remember her brown eyes, her red lips... her stupid and childish talk, her way of saying that how she loves me, her blonde hair with a tinch of browns on it... and uff her eyes... i just can't surpass the beauty of it... so DREAMING ROCKS ... =) ...

    by the way woh lambiii wali discussion per mainey reply ker dia hai :p

  3. rains always bring quiet mix feelings for me
    but in any case, i luvvvvv 'em

  4. @ash
    lolz... I GUESS rain does bother everyone ... but with a way that only he or she can understand !!

  5. Haye, rain reminds of all the load shedding, long walks, ice-creama pakoray, phone calls and all the ghazals I used to listen in my lovely room. Gosh, i miss everything now!! :-(

    As for the post, it's very romantic :-)

  6. Ahhh, i love rain.
    @komal: I really live having pakoras too. better with rain. :D

    Good, sensitive post ube.

  7. Yh it rains here ALL the time i love it, the rain is very soothing in a way. Today it ws snowing which is even more beautiful!

    Cute post!


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