I Dreamt of an Angel

11:27:00 AM

I dreamt of an angel
Through the dark lucid night
I saw her dark brown eyes
Guiding me to get out.

I saw the feather
Touching the ground
Spreading the pure dark blood
To each corner of the area.

I dreamt of an angel
I wish I could touch her wings
I dreamt of an angel
I wish I didn't forget her eyes.

I saw the feather
Falling from her wings
I saw the martyr's eyes
Narrowed down, and drenched in tears.

I dreamt of an angel
I wish i could give her comfort
I dreamt of an angel
I wish her pain was mine.....

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  1. The song starts with Tumhara aur Mera Naam Jangal Mein Darakhton Per Likha Hua Hai.

    I hate JJ.

  2. @siras
    hmmm how can u say that ??

    yaar senilius nay sahi kaha hai !! the songs name is TUMHARA AUR MAYRA !! i love that song ....

  3. Bas its seems that way, isn't it true?

    @sawj: No man, it's not that one.
    And why do u hate him?

  4. I read this somewhere before too ..

    *wonders where*


    why are you so miserable? :P

  5. @siras
    hmmm... u are right =) !!

    waah kahan sey mila ?? ap lagta hai i'll have to download it too :D !!

    i love that song....

    yaar is this the same jis main sab cheezain rewind main chalnay lag jati hain ??

  6. verii nyc!

    Whilst reading i kinda imagined one of those pics u sumtymz add to ur poems, an angel one!



  7. I just hate him, won't tell you guys the reason. :P


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