Life Wishes are Death Regrets

8:02:00 AM

Ha this looks beautiful naah ? Yes it does and don`t ask why !! I know it is really beautiful i haven`t seen anything more beautiful then this ... most people would say that they have seen far more beautiful things then this but for me the emotions, the hand, its value is totally different as compare to what others would have it was life for me. I still think that it is my life infact it is the only wish i made but yet got another regret for asking one of the most precious thing even GOD didn`t supported it ! As somebody said to me "Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable".

What should i do now ?
Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up !! But what shall i say today ? She daily takes away my world from me coz SHE knows that she is my world but she took it away, and woh bhi in such a sweet way that it made me lift her up in my arms and made me carry her to her sweet little destination ... but am happy coz that destination was her Mother ! But still i have trust... Tust on GOD, trust on my love and the most important i have trust on her and her trust is my trust. So am standing with all the trust in my heart and waiting.... Waiting for the right time to come ... coz i belive that after every sun set there is a sun rise ... I know this is a false hope ... coz its been like 6 months now ... things are going up and down ... atleast on my side i know she is happy .... i should be happy about it ... but don't know why ... i wanna see her suffer too ... i guess am just too damn selfish... I know she is suffering though she misses me too ... whenever she sends a text to my brother i realise her pain... but why can't she be the same infront of me why does she have to show me that she doesn't misses me and pretends to be happy when i know she is not. I don`t know that she'll come back or not but my brain for the first time ever making my heart relaxed and making it wait, wait for her. I know, i really know it is all false hope but still it can be the motivation power may be to all my misseries !!

How Shall i Make my heart understand that
Love is unconditional, relationships are not. How shall i make it understand that some dreams are better untold and some wishes are better if they don`t come true ... but am asking for the only wish which i want and pray that it comes true ... Coz i think this is the only think i can do !!

I read one thing which i would like to share which i think shows what some things mean to me !! and what my heart wants to portray ....
I broke up with someone, and she said, "You'll never find anyone like me again." And I'm thinking, 'I hope not!' Does anybody end a bad relationship and say, "By the way, do you have a twin?" (by Larry Miller)

So yet again as i would love to say it am standing on a lonely road. A road which where it leads nobody knows ... A destination undiscovered ... A story untold ... A relationship yet to get complete ... A heart yet to find its pulse ... a soul searching for its mate ... and God knows what this road will lead too ....

I do remember her daily and pray for her ... but does that work anymore ?? atleast i hope that it does work .... pata nahi ... the feelings are strange ... while the emotions are raw ... as day passes this pain should reduce but rather it increases with the hope of new tommorow.... but....

My love is infinity,
Even all the eternity,
Wouldn't be able to keep up
With this overflowing feelings.

I wonder if her love to me,
Is everlasting,
Infinity too?

I don't know anything .... i guess i would always keep this line alive in my heart that....

"Life Wishes are Death Regrets"

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  1. haven't read tha whole post yet mood nahi ha yaar
    but i must say the braclet is very pretty :D

  2. Sabar, mere dost, sabar ka phal meetha hota hai. =] Just hold on.

  3. u differ square
    i am talking about the band of colorful beads in her hand
    khi mein tu usko braclet kehte haan ya wrist band
    i nva knw lhr walye bracelts ko bhi ring bolte haan :P


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