Seperated Union

7:18:00 AM

We're so close, yet so far.
The distance between us, can't be measure.
Just by thinking of it,
Oh, my heart's breaking.
My legs are trembling.

...My tears are dropping.

I used to be there, to hide you in my arms,
While you struggled to stop hiccuping.
You used to be there, patting me on my head.
Kissing my forehead, saying that it'll be fine.

It's flooding.
But are you crying?

You are the one,
And I'm the one for you.
I love you,
And you love me too.

But you decided whats best for your parents,
Rather then they decide whats the best for you,
Looks like you really wanted to be the greater one.

I wish you knew how to decide--
But I dare say that now,
For you reply my feelings,
Yet your soul crushed in between.
In between of my feelings,
And your parents'.

Where are your?

Are you there?

..Are you still there?

Am I speaking gibberish,
Or am I just in misery?

Why is this happening?

Just when finally,
I found someone so dear,
So precious, my love...
...Why do you have to perish from my sight?

It's all like a dream.
And I woke up too soon.

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