silence of the night

10:00:00 PM

silence of the night is haunting
every sound made echoes through
then dies
silence of the night is haunting me...

thousands of beautiful eyes shine through
and watch my every move
piercing through my flesh
and eating out my heart...

the pain that kills though the haunting night
screams are echoeing across my mind...

it starts to rain
water falling slowly through my window
my hand inside it
giving me a feeling which always haunt me...

i am standing in the rain
Wishing it might wash away
What there is inside of me
Wash away
The love which i had for you...

the lightning flashing across the sky
Cames your memory and tears to my eye
And I wonder do you still love me
If it rings that it’s not true
I will shy away from you
So that you can forget me...

but the jealousy is there too
just waiting for its turn
to eat me through
finish what hate has started
and fear too...

all began with an open window to the sky
silence of the night is haunting
don't try to listen or it will stab you too
its terrifying what thoughts may come
its haunting me, this scary silence of the night......

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  1. wow... beautiful :-)

    Thank you for the birthday wishes :-)

  2. It was beautiful. I could so feel the pain :-(

  3. Loved the way you wrote it. The grief is just so...overwhelming.


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