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So finally sunday is here.... thank God its here ... yeah was a low in the morning so posted some crap ... but me freaking high right now .... got a good news that Brat is fine now ... she just came back from uk ... after treatment on 26th ... now she was better so she contacted me today ....

slept alot today .. and still feel sleepy ... my family thinks that am on drugs :p ... coz i never sleep in day time ... they literaly asked me ... this was the convo:

Mom: Ubaid uthoo.... kitna sohna hai
Me: Mom sunday hai... sohnay do *puts blanket on face*
Mom: Utho tum sey baat kerni hai
Me: kya hai mommmm
Mom: sach sach batao R U DOING DRUGS ?
Me: *jumps up the bed* mom kyaaa ??
Mom: are u taking some sort of drugs or something ?
Me: mommmmmmm u know i hate smoking, drugs , drinks etc... how can u say that ...
Mom: ubaid ullah sach sach batao ... tum din main kabhi nahi sohtay and u r asleep raat 8 bajey sey ! thats not normal for a person like u
Me: *gets all emo and stuff* Mom sunain ... i have no friends who are guys ... all of them are girls ... kyun ?? aap ko yeh pehley bhi bataya tha ... i hate smoking and other shit ... so why would i be doing drugs ... haan yeh aur baat hai jo kal raat ko boss ney drink di thee us key baad sey sir bhari hai buhahahaha !!
Mom: kon si drink ? *gets all shocked*
Me: pata nahi Vodka keh rahein thein usay .... but ajeeb si karvi si thi
Mom: kya tumhein pata hai woh kya hota hai ... *lecture starts blah blah blah*
Me: ... mom am just kidding i knw it ... u were asking so much is liye yeh keh dia ...
Mom: that was a pathetic joke ...

khair then i woke up ... and as my aunt (boley toh mayri ek aich ek phopho) is going back to england ... she was here for two weeks ... so me, mom and she went to Bullah shah's mazar in kasoor ... damn i forgot the cam ... that place was beautiful ... it was an 1 hour 30 mins drive ... but it was worth it ... wahan hazri di and had an awesome breakfast there ... poori halwa was uffffffffff !! never had anything like this even in lahore !!

anyways this is just a random stupid post ... kuch kernay ko nahi tha ... toh thats why baqwas ker rahan houn :p ...

waisey oh yeah I GOT MY BUSINESS CARD ... and its looking ufff :p ... and the best part was i was the one who created it ... and all the broushers etc ... will upload the pics of it too ...

and aaaaahhhhhh i just remembered phopho is going today at night so we are having an awesome MOM Made (lolz) lunch today ... and for desert she made two cakes ... just check these thing out ...

yum yum !! me going to have cake ... lalalala !! lalalala !!

and u people are just going to see this and get tortured buhahaha !!

PEOPLE ENJOY MY NON EMO TALK !! yeh ziyada dair nahi rehti :p .... lolz !!

and oh yeah don't worry i'll even have coffee with this cake ....


Anyways people kya hoingz ... i think i should stop spoilling my blog now ... with this crap ... but atleast its better then what i was talking about in the previous one ...\


anywaysss ANY ONE INTERSTED IN LOVING ME PLS CONTACT ME OVER HERE :p ... me need love desperately buhahahaha !! *this was cheap*

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  1. Yes, you do sound unusually hyper today - but it's good to be bursting with energy.

    Your mom's cakes are so professional-looking!

  2. Goodness and you ppl will eat these marvelous cakes khud say :/

    Uff .. I want em too =(

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    Cake is just awsummmmmmmmmm
    in my next trip to lhr. em cuming at ur place man
    to have feast by aunty :D
    its luks shoooooooooo yumyum sumsum yumsum :D
    i just showed it to my mom cake and she said yea its beautiful and looks yummy too
    and then i complained her for not doing baking stuff and she was like
    "size dekh ker farimaish kerni chaye " :D
    aunty ki aur specialties bataoo
    brownies and this strawberry choc cake to done haa :D

  4. i really wish mein ye cake kha sakti
    Gawd!! mein itni nadeedi hojaon gi mujhye pata nahi tha :S:$

    u r so bad ubaidullah :P

  5. @asma
    first of all welcome back =) ...

    haan we'll eat it by our selves buhahaha !!

    infact we already cut it ... it was soo soo awesome especially the strawberry one :D !!

    both can't be compared !! it was yummyyy !!

  6. Dude! You keep talking about someone called rat...kaun hai yeh? Bohat confusion ho rahi hai. Please batao na. :)

    Aur mere taraf se bhi thora cake kha lo. :D

    (Excuse the messed up urdu. I'm a punjabi gyal, really. [:)

  7. I menat BRAT not RAT! Ugh! :P

  8. @falakk
    naah your urdu panjabi is fit !!

    and hmm ...

    i have mailed u ... about whose brat =) !!

    and will eat from ur side at night ;) !!

  9. oooh cake looks delish!
    Mum made some today for us, but I think she could do with some tips off your mum.

  10. @hfm
    sure bring ur mom over ;) ... my mom wouldn't mind giving her helP :) ...

    as she runs cooking classes as well !!

  11. Hyper is good yaar. :D

    Strawberry cake is better.

    Two cakes are the best.


  12. WOW! Amazing cakes! :)

    And, that was a funny conversation. :)

  13. i love the energy!
    daymn i lack it lately!

  14. ubaidullah is my elder cozin's name too bt prefer him calling ubaid bhai :D

    ubaidullah sounds quiet intellectuall kind of thing rather than unclish :P

    u r so bad ubaidullah
    tum ne itni zalim pics lagai haa i won't visit ur blog till this post's page will change warna mera nadeedapan khatam nahi hone wala :$

    hmmmm... wow means aak din se kaam nahi chaly ga
    at least 1 month ki daily duty lagani pare gi for aunty's special special food
    pehle pata hota tu khi ate waqat he laga lyti
    i ju came baq to khi in the start of this year
    aur tun ne merye anye k baad he blog pe brownies n ckaes ki pics lagani start ki :(
    pitty me :'(

  15. WOW like a BIG BIG WOW...the cakes look soooo yummy..you are so evil :(

  16. @ayla
    lolz making happy is then easier then i thought :p ...

    hahaha main bhi roz apnay aap ko kehta houn key mar jaoun ... but i guess God doesn't love me anymore :p ... so he doesn't want me up there ;) ... anyways U CAN ALWAYS COME HERE AND EAT THE CAKE :D !! i would be more then welcome =) !!

    i don't like kasoor much ... its just like a village ...

    hahaha first of all she is my PHOPHOO ... not khala ... and sorry she is already gone ... so better luck next time ;) .... and wow ... i thought u wouldn't know how to cook ... waisey i know cooking too ... i got the talent from mom ... as she has no daughters ... so me got this thing :p .. but i don't know how to cook desi stuff either ... i know how to make pasta's, pizza's chineese .... mexican and thai ... but i hate the chicken cutting part ... so i get that done by mom ... rest cutting is easy ... and if u have the perfect recipe ... and heart cooking isn't that hard ...


    oye larrkiii take some rest ... U DESPERATELY NEED SOME ....

    and haan sure lots of people are waitting to take classes from her =) ...

    haan kaha tha ... she does trust me alot ... so chalta hai ... and waisey bhi i try to always maintain the level of trust =) !!

    and fannkk uu about the loving the post thing ... IS SEY PEHLEY WALA PERHNA THA ... that was a piece of some stupid poetry :p !!

  17. @ugly
    haan yaar the cake were awesome ...

    try peach or mango cakes too ... they are good as well

    waisey have u ever tried yogourt cake ??

  18. @ahmer
    YEAH CAKES ... mmmm jalo jalo :p

    don't worry HYPER ENERGY COMES AND GO ... ;) !! it will come to u soon :D !!

  19. tum se umeed bhi kiya ki jasakti haan
    excecptto tease innocent ppl like me :D:P

    home made pizza has no issues
    wo tu mein bhi bana lyti hn aram se
    baat sari home made ice-creams, cakes, brownies per aker atak jati haa:( :'(
    btw aunty ne kabhi prawns pizza banaya haa?

  20. The cakes looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  21. han tu meinye kab bola ha k mera pizza aunty se accha hota
    we both posses different tastes so dono ka pizza bhi different banta hoga
    i do variation too wid my pizzas :D
    macronis, sapagettis, sasuges, veges, kabhi kabhi tu omelete bhi:D
    bas jaisa mood ho waisi topping :D

    yaar mera prawn pizza k prawns juicy nahi rehte , plastic hojate haa
    aunty se pooch k bataoo na kiya karoon :S


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