10:31:00 PM

Why everything seems so complicated ?? why can't everything be as simple as speaking a lie ?? aah bull shit ... nothing goes my way i guess !!

hmmm ... yeah i know i have been just posting stupid crappy poetry emo stuff ... but kya keroun thats the only baqwas i know !!

so kind of messed up right now ... and woh bhi pretty bad wala !! per i know that am fineeee

had a chill time today... it was basant in lahore ... so had full time party scene on saturday night... then sunday was awesome too !! have a hugeee head ache right now most probably my usual migrain problem !! but who caresss

am fineeee !! and happy that what all it matterss....

left my job ... sort of left my job ... won't be going to office ... but yeah am still working for them ... can't just leave all the work i have done in the hands of those jahillzzzz !! and reasons for leaving it hmmm TOO MUCH UNETHICAL THINGS HAPPENING OVER THERE =( !!

Alevels are going fine... mom gave me the choice to change my majorss... not in alevels ... but as a field so am totally messed up what to do !! BBA from lse ... or somesort of computer engineering as am good at that, or she told me to go into fashion and graphic designing (but i can keep on desiging clothes along with my studies) ... and oh yeah i do design girlish clothes too :p ... and currently making funky kurtas !! pehla batch was sent to that MILAD thingy which happens in america... i should have uploaded the pics... but anyways currently all jungled up what to select as field :-/ .....

waiseeeyy !! hmmm i know i celebrated basant !! but yeah i know i should have gone to long march thingy ... but how could i have gone .. all rasta's close ... and yeah i love my country but still whose parents would allow their child to go out there in such a mess !! when innocent people are getting hurt and diying !! but am doing the part which i can do i am praying for them !! kehtein hain surah Yaseen should be prayed and some more....

AND OH yeah i shouldn't have flown kites too =( !! but oopssyy i couldn't resist and i did flew 5 - 7 kites... khair it was funnnn

so i was at that part messed up thingyyy ... hmmm ok that was crap i guess !! AM HAPPY !!! *does the sponge bob dance*

ufff it feels so good to blabber out thingss randomly...

and people i have been reading ur blogss... but don't know whats the issue with me i just don't know what to comment on them these days !!

ANDDDDD *IT FEELS SO SAFE TO KNOW THAT PEOPLE WOULDN'T BE EXPLOITING MY EMOTIONS ANYMORE* PRIVATE BLOG !!! and sorry people for the inconvience !! but u'll have to keep on coming daily to see the updates ;P ... as i usually blabber alot !!

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  1. hmmm....
    What's happening in Pakistan that you can't go out? :O

    We all suffer these emotional volcanic eruptions. Just chill. Everything will be fine... :)

  2. random ramblings
    tank GOd long march thing ended peacefully
    i wish and pray this peace reman bow for ever in our home land and our leaders keep making intelligent decisions before ccreating any drama

    basant .. kiteeeeeeeeee
    i dun know how o fly kite :(

    but i would love to fly
    some dya i will it too :D

    wow.. u design clothes
    oss tumhare saath tu bana k rakkhni paregi :P

  3. WOW! That's a lot of random mood changes. :P

    I've never seen what basant is like!

  4. @siras
    lolz... yeah learnt the mood swing thingy from u ;) !! lolz

    oh... then u definitly have to come to pakistan sometimes... we'll show u what its all about :D !!


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