Why isn't the sky crying ?

3:49:00 PM

Sitting on my terrace ... feeling the usual me ... have temperature ... sundays.... boring and nothing to do ... a cool breeze blowing... having a sweet essence of you in it... looking at the clouds ... beautiful indeed ... (wish i could keep on looking them) .... the strong cold wind taking them away....the clouds moving really fast !! Its picture taken ... interesting yet its beauty has a sort of grief in it... although i love this sad atmosphere... but it is making me depressed.... why is it doing this ?? Noticing the wind getting stronger as the seconds pasts.... its not just today its been happening the same for the whole week.... why is it creating a die for atmosphere i don't know... the sun trying to come out of the clouds... but no it is not possible... why isn't it raining ?? why isn't the sky crying.... am sitting over here for hours now... so why isn't the water popping out of the clouds... do i have to beg God now ?? hey God make it rain.... make it rain pls..... I am waiting and waiting and waiting ..... but it isn't raining =( ... come on... i am not asking anything else which is so hard for u to give... I am not asking for you to give me happiness... i am just asking some rain... that isn't much of a big deal so pls make it rain... why i want it to rain... hmmm thats what i don't even know... i guess just i love it so much... or it is coz i know you'll get wet in rain too... so i wanna feel atleast this with you... i wanna share a moment with u... i know u aren't here and you'll never will be... but i wana share this little moment with you.... God Why isn't the sky crying ? Just like the way i feel today ?

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  1. Oh... don't be sad... there are so many little things aren't there? I understand how you feel... it's a bottomless pit where in and there's no way out...

    It's only us who can carry ourselves to the light.

  2. @mehreen
    like what ??

    hehehe i can see the light its just that i write usually my dark feelings ... i am not that sad... but the feelings which i felt are usually deep and dark... which makes me look incomplete !!

  3. It's amazing. I love ittt! It makes me happy somehow. Beneath the sky and everything.. the mausam..it dosen't make me sad or emo..it actually makes me feel more alive !

  4. I so agree with Anushay! Weather changes my mood and you don't have to be sad. We all go through difficult phases and they get over soon :)

  5. heheh yeah buddies i know =) !! but still i love whining about it :p !!


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