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12:24:00 PM

Ok so last night was fun :D way too fun !! actually my brother has his math's class at 8 to 10 some past paper session or something ... so dad wasn't feeling well and i had to leave him and i couldn't be bothered to drop him off and then go back home and then come to pick him again ... so i called up Umair and thank God he was around ... kamina date maar raha tha with some unknown chicks... woh aur Shanawar (a friend of umair) .... kutay kahin key .... bhala mujhey hi bata daytay main bhi wahien aa jata :p ... Anywaysssss they came !! aur us key baad aniii hi macha di hum ney :p (i love using such words lolz)

We planned on playing "TAG YOU'RE IT" oh gi desi zaban vich PAKRAN PAKRAI jinhoun kehnday aain... and guess what it wasn't like running or anything it was on cars... YEAH WELL THIS DOESN'T SOUND THAT CRAZY but trust me on this it was MAHAA crazy, ultimate madness :p ... so my bro's accademy is in barkat market so first of all umair started running on his car(daewoo racer) ... and i started following him on my car(mehran) ... Shanawar was sitting with him... and we both turned on our music loud like i was playing Armin Van Bueren and he has this Nadia Ali's track on ... so we started and man it was madnesss like tire screaches, breaking, skidz, hand breaking, accelerating, sharp corner turning, saving people's ass thingy, and oh yeah not hitting other cars and stuff so it took like 3o mins of following to get to him ... but at the end he took a really sharp turn and got lost =( !! so he got 1 point then after that it was my turn and i started, mind that his car's speed is way more then mine but my car's turning is easier yet dangerous as i am running on GENERALs (have my reasons for it :D) .... so i started like running like crazy :p ... and he was 0n my tail did ditch him twice and thrice but he eventually found me... and when we reached model town (don't even know how we got there as galiyoun main we were running madly) And eventually when we were in model town i took a really sharp left turn with full hand break it was like full dust all around and then i turned of my lights so he couldn't see me but the bad scene happened yes i ditched him and ran away as he took the other side coz cops on bike started following me OUCH !! that was a bad thing .... Umair called me up to try and get out of this a.s.a.p and if they get me we had already planned a excuse .... saday bahanay baray vadiya honday hain :p !! anyways i went into the smoke and took some sharp turns and went into the crowdy place and hurriedly parked the car and got out of it and went into an electronics shop :) !! so we both were saved.....

Khair the thing which we were doing wasn't right so kids don't try this at home, all stunts done by us are a result of a lot of practice playing this in alama iqbal town galiyan and also for driving like 10 hours daily so its adviced not to be attempted, especially without us !!

So after all that mess, we picked up kashif (my bro) from his academy and came back home... it was like 10 pm at night and there wasn't any light =( !! infact the light went as we entered the house... we were suppose to have dinner here mom was making something special for us which we all didn't know what it was :s .... so when we reached home mom had gone with dad somewhere, and our UPS has some issues it isn't working since yesterday night =( !! so we planned on to sit outside in my garage ... and as we were sitting and baqwasafying we suddenly planned to do that ghol gumhanay wali thingy (kya kehtein hai is ko bhala ??) anyways umair and shanawar started it... it wasn't much fun then i suddenly took their picture and the flash got into their eyes like they were blinded for like atleast 10 seconds while spinning (my flash is really heavy duty) so they were spinning and doing this it was awesome fun :D !! when the falsh came into this part... so we started spinning and taking pics, i did it, umair and shanawar were already doing it even kashif joined in (i have more then 50 pics of us doing it :p) and we became high on that ... it was fun ....

after that mom and dad came so another car was in my garage and then we syupids started another fun thing umair was pushing the car for no reason what so ever and shanawar started to push it from the other side... they were checking whose more stronger ... key aisa hua key umair was more powerful so he started to take control, then i joined shanawar and started pushing it and kameena kashif umair ki side per aa gaya we did that for a long time per kashif aur umair jeet gaye... Shanawar i can bet on it, it was just coz our shoes were sleeping ... hai naa naa ?

anyways mom then called for dinner and oh yeah 11 bajay light aa gaye thee.....



Lots and lots and lotssss of pizza .... for us 4 guys... and we started thusa fying our sefl... it was veggie supreme pizza but yaar it was awesomly good !!

mazaa aa gaya ....

Per gee umair ko ghar sey phone aa rahein they ... and his stupid long lists of Girl friends were bugging him ... so his attentions were diverted (waisey it was for the best :p as we got more pizza then him buhahahaha) ...

YESH YESH IT WAS GOOD !! and oh yeah another pizza is in the oven right now ... as we are having it for lunch too just me and kashif... so WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO TASTE IT ;) ??

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  1. Glad you had fun!
    And that pizza looks delicious! I want!

  2. @siras:
    thanks... you know my mum cooks heaven :D !!

    and yeah me glad too i do deserve such things :D !!

    lolz... yeah i did took your advice :p ... and waisey i love rondu posts i have a rondu posts in my drafts but well i am happy so ain't posting that as yet :p ... wait till i get all rondu again :D !!

  3. Pizza looks yummy but why olives in there? o_O

    Glad you had fun!

  4. @brok3n:
    hahaha ab mujhey kya pata is ko kya kehtay hain :p well i usually have friends who don't know such terms :p

    yeah we really had like got saved from many major accidents :P ... per khair do try this sometime ;) !!

    and heyyy i used to use mobile A TIME NOT SO LONG AGO ;s ...

    whats wrong with olives on pizza ??

    i'll repeat whats wrong with olives being in the pizza ??

    i love olives in pizza !! it tastes awesome !!

    exactly... i think they taste nice... why are they reacting like this :s ??

  5. The pizza looks yum! Seems like you had alot of fun. I wanna race too, only if I COULD DRIVE +(

    What's wrong with olives in pizza =/


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