4:48:00 PM

Jab tumhari yaad aaye zakham taaza ho gaya
Main bhari mehfil main reh ker bhi tanha ho gaya

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  1. yaar Ubaid u have a very good personality....not the typical boy...one...which in fact i like very much ....

  2. a veil of your love. haha nice nice. =p

  3. yea...that was nicely played. Games aside, that post is just a tease...I think my eyes are twitching now after trying to figure out o.o ...DESPITE KNOWING there's no way I can make out how the girl looks like =( ..grrz.

  4. @brok3n:
    yeah its a pic of angel ... so yesh she is a girl... and for me she is very very beautiful !!

    and i'll suggest u something try using a white dupata ... and try seeing it through it... jo plain white dupata hota hai naah ... i have heard it helps... but i hope it doesn't

    and why u so keen to know how she looks ;) ??


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