Friday snack :D !!

10:58:00 AM

ok this looks some ordinary noodles but it ain't these are made by ME :D !! lolz... so it makes it special ... as its friday so class was a little longer... so came back home... and was starving couldn't find each other... yesterday mom made garlic bread and thai noodles... when i went to fridge they were all gone =( !! and i was so tempted to eat noodles :D !! that i took out maggi noodles... and made these... and when i was going into the room i remembered i had coke... so i took that ... and oh yeah found lays in the cupboard too so dadaaddaaannnn perfect lunch for me :D !!

and just ate it BURPPPP !! it was tooooo gooood buhahaha...

and oh yeah i add oregano in it while making it ... along with woucester sauce !! definitly worth trying :D !!

and as this isn't a depressing post so no grey color in it ;p !!

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  1. Looks scrumptious :D
    And me likes maggie noodles berry much =)

  2. yeah it was ... am a good chef naah :D !!

    i prefer the bake parlor one... but was not bothered to spend 55 minutes on making it :p !!

  3. "was starving and couldn't find EACH OTHER" ...hat you mean you and the food? lol..your take on the noodles sure look good though -nodnod- Gotta try my hands at cooking someday ...-lesigh-

  4. @broken

    lolz... u'll have to see lots of food pics from my side ;) !! i love uploading them :D !!

  5. It's not totally unhealthy - there's carrots, peas and something green :)

    Did anyone else tried your noodles? I mean, for evaluation purposes :)

  6. @nadia

    the other green thingy is capsicum and oh yeah i did put very little corn in it too :) !! so it makes it healthy !!

    yeah my bro and mom tasted it !! so they passsed it too :D !!


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