Happy To U bakriii

12:37:00 PM

Hey bakrii bolay toh eedaa ... HAPPY TOO UUUU YAAR !!! HAAPPPY HAPPPYYY 2 uuuu !!

may u have the nicest and sexiest birthday ever :) !!!

didn't have time to make something new for you :( ... but khaiirrr this card is for you :) !! and yesshhh its made by mee....

Bolay toh ab treat kab day rahi ho ??

Khairrrr... today is your birthday,I wish the fulfillment of all your fondest dreams. I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise (bolay toh phir toh bohat saray surprise nahi ho jayein gain budhi ama key liye :p). *Back to what i was saying* I wish for you that whatever you want most in life, it comes to you, just the way you imagined it, or better (khair main tumhein nahi mil sakta is liye ziyada free mat hona). I hope you get as much pleasure from our friendship as I do (lolz yeh likhtay huey mujhey bohat hasi aa rahi hai :d). I wish we were some thing more (yeh line pls syed ko perhana), I wish i could have known you from the beginning.... I look forward to enjoying our friendship for many more of your birthdays..... I'm so glad you were born, because you brighten atleast somebody's life and fill it with joy.... and also because you love me 2 :D !!

ek vari hor ho jayeee

Happy Birthday to you eeedaaa ... lalalala ... happy birthday 2 uuuuuu !!!

Anywayssss.... WITH LOTS OF LOVEEEE !!
Happy TO U eedaaa
Beshtesshttt wishes from me ... bolay toh UBAID :D !!

AND oh yeah thanks for visiting my blog regularly ;) !!

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  1. so.
    its like 8 46 am and im like
    bedraggled and disoriented
    and i read this and burst out laughing..
    hahaha ubaid ur pagal.

    u wish we something more? really? syed se mar khani hai! hahaha
    no but this was really really sweet, thank you so much!! :)
    i really appreciate your card and wishes!!

    bolay to, treat ke leye u come to canada and im show u full canadian-ness? bolay to, ill push you down the niagra?! bahahahaah

    but seriously. THANK YOU!


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