9:37:00 AM

I hate this weather changy thingy =( !! 3 days since on bed... ok make that 4... i ain't planning to get up today either.... bukhar ka bacha utar hi nahi raha... 103 per atka hua hai :( !!

and along with that stupid EXAMS .... why do we even have exams.... i feel like eating icecream now, and oh yeah coke too.... i want some bbq fries too ... but aahhh i ain't hungry !!

bleeehhh (ridz tum ney aur uzma ney yeh mujhey adat laga di hai)

and oh BROKEN... zalim ho tum that poem was like .... aaahooo ... made me sad =( !!

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  1. Grr...dude you started it! =( ..
    Get well sooner inshAllah...and take lots of fluids. You'll be off the bed in no time. -nod-

  2. get well soon =]
    && exams, dnt even mention em!

  3. @broekn:
    oh well i love starting things which i can't handle :p ....

    @smileylolz... fankzz... and nice to see u back =) !!

  4. Your birthday's coming up too? when's that? ....haha another hi5 I guess...for feeling sad about the upcoming birthday....... dang. Too many coincidences.

  5. Yeah our stubborness rocks ;) !! and ohhh :( ... now i am feeling OLD too =( !! heyyy if you are 19 how come u in UNIVERSITY :s ??

  6. hahahah well parents would be parents ;) !! so what are u exactly doing :s ??


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