I love You Arooj

11:08:00 AM

Ok i Am in love ... i am in love with this chick ... simply in love... and woh farigh wala love nahi ... sacha wala... just planning to tell my mom to send a rishta to her place... coz am so deeply in love with her.... By the way her name is Arooj Aftab... although i don't like her name... i have issues with the name arooj ... per phir bhi ... i want her...

anyways enough with the bull shit :p ... I am just a guy's whose flirting around these days :p .... with every girl i see... don't ask.. will talk about that later... khair this is arooj aftab a very awesome singer check this song out... its really like uff !!

And do hear these too:
Hallelujah - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_Lub8LRbLo
In the sun (Joseph Arthur cover) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTSwxGTBWs4
Bolo naah - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvIYvN6l2dk

i don't much like bolo naah but HALLELUJAH is like freaking awesome ... and oh yeah there is one more song of her aaj barish main bheeg janay do aur something ... i can't find that but thats a really mind blowing song !!

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  1. Worry nots o many people out there are in love with this "chick" :P

    YOu'll eventually cool down :P

    ps: nice some songs she's got .. may be you wana stalk her blog :P

    pps: I liked bolo naaa much more =)

  2. Can your behavior be any more girlish UB?

    I'm going to call you BB instead of UB from now on.


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