Is this called madness ?

11:20:00 AM

So today is sunday i guess you all know that :p ... khair there is mayhem going at my place... dad's friend from Saudia is here. So the other friends thought to give him a party. So we are going to go to a lunch where like 9 families would be around, and all of them are his school class fellows from saudia which settled over here....

Man its going to be like ARGH!! i don't like going to such get to gethers lolz i just don't like going anywhere where i don't have company... all his friends have like daughters so the only guy whose going to be there would be me ah no i remembered there would be 5 little kids too ... and even my stupid brother isn't going coz he isn't home and dad doens't want to bother going all the way to samnabad (my nano place) to pick him up.... so i am stuck as one of the uncle (who has 3 hot daughters) said that "UBAID KO LAZMI LAY KER AANA BOHAT ISHTIYAK HAI US SAY HUMEIN MILNAY KAA" what the fuck ... ishtiyak ?? :s Who would like to meet me ?? Anyways..... would be going there in about like an hour or so naah rest of them are paki so no body would come before 4 .... so we'll be going there at 4 and we have to go all the way to Fortress where Doc. Saud's (dad's friend) home is (he is a nice guy waisey and has an awesome ride).

Then after that all of these families would come to our place at 7 for high tea (yes i know this is pure madness), me and mum tried to give every logical explaination to cancel this thing but ABA jaan kisi ki manday hi nahi .... I FEEL LIKE DOING SOME KILLINGS OVER HERE BUHAHAHAAA !!

Then they all we'll go from our place like 10 or something, after that at 11 we'll all get dressed up and as today is Waqas's mehndi (mom's first cousin who is just 7 years older then me, and zara bana ker rakhi hui hai mayray saath) ... so its cumpolsory to go over there which we would be coming back like at 4 in the morning .... PAKI PEOPLE LIKE SUCH STUFF (yeah am paki too per our family is sort of punctual :p)

After that i promised Zara (aaahhhh... will mention her later but yes another charachter) .... that i'll be in the academy at 9 am sharp as we planned to have breakfast together from Gloria jeans.... so have to get that thing done too...

and on monday night its the barat, and then on tueday its the walima.... BOI ITS PURE MADNESS .... can i just faint or something for two days so i can get out of all this....

ARGH CURSE YOU ALL !! for making me go !! BUt arooj baby... i love you ;) !! am still listening to you ... don't worry hun i won't fool around with all the hot chicks i see (i'll be selective) :p !!

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  1. =]

    p.s. sorry time nahi milla lol but i know u have a bz day ahead soo have funn!!!

  2. that schedule is pretty tightly packed. dude...I hope you catch some time in between to breathe. And wo0h..I never knew they had Gloria Jeans in Pakistan o.0 ...I am like behind or something..they do have awesome coffee tho -nod-
    Have fun at the gatherings though.

  3. Ok ... 3 hot girls .. and breakfast with zara in gloria jeans ... so whats the post's conclusion :P

  4. @nimzZz:
    hehehe... chal tu toh idher hi hai chill hai ;) !!

    i did have a great time :D

    it didn't sound like that per yeshh i did had lots of fun :D

    yeah GJz is here as well ... i love their coffee but boi its expensive !!

    I actuall had fun :D

    Ssshhhhh we'll talk about that later ;) !!


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