Kashf - The Lifting Of The Veil

3:57:00 PM

Mesmerized you naah ?? I knew it would !! it is worth watching .... anyways let me tell you about what KASHF - The lifting of the veil is....

UNLIKE the violent and extremist image of Pakistan in the media KASHF - THE UNVEILING is a movie which takes the people on a journey exploring the mystical side of islam....

Basically Kashf is a story of universal relevance as it explores humanity's basic questions of WHO WE ARE, and WHY WE ARE HERE. It is the hero's journey as Armaghan embarks on his vision quest, meeting along the way messengers, guides and the master who is waiting for him to awaken to his calling....

Anways pls check out its official website as well to know more about what this film is all about....


As i expect that this would give some error in playing so check the following two links out before visiting the website.... coz this would definitly make you interested in what you looking at....

Official Trailor: Click me too but after khayal
Khayal - Fashion at its best: CLICK ME PLS

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  1. it looks interesting

  2. hmm
    havnt chk the link yet but seems quiet iteresting from the intro you had given
    i will chk it later for sure and your other posts as i have to full fill my absence;)
    so not worry
    in a week or two
    i will add my comments on all unchked posts by me
    btw.. nyce dp ubaidullah :P


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