My Stupid Confusion

10:48:00 PM

Was going through my writtings, then i suddenly found out this one... waah mujhey nahi pata tha i had my oldest writting in my pc too ... this was the very first thing i wrote =) !!... waisey dekha jaye toh start sey hi mayra demagh kharab tha :p !!

Love is a myst,
Love is a ghost,
Love is the only reason i live for.

Love can be true,
Or it can be fake,
Just beleive it and it'll show you the way.

Some say love is fine,
Some say love is life,
I only say that love hurts until you die.

People give their life for it,
But i can`t understand why they do it,
may be they want to end their misseries as soon as possible.

But i think love is pure,
Love can`t be impure,
Or can it be ?

Do i know what is love ?
Or have i started to think what i have ?
God knows what this thought will lead me too.

I talk about love,
i think about love,
But if i see i don`t know a thing about love.

I say love is fine,
I say love is life,
But i don`t define what is all this hype.

then i blabber about its existence,
the only thing which makes a difference,
Life without love.

Don`t have an ending,
Ending to my endless thinking,
So i just say love is life and life is love with a meaning of none
which i can explain to everyone.

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  1. love even when locked away is all confused :)
    you just proved it!

  2. @komal
    heheh don't worry u'll get over this confusion soon ... and end up in a bigger one... so don't think about love it's still a myst !!

  3. sup with all the love man?:p


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