The stress kills

4:58:00 PM

The stress is killing me
My head is sure to pop

Why can't anyone see
They don't want to stop

I have some things on my chest Yet no one wants to listen

Someone end it
Throw a blade throw my head

It might stop the pain
Even though my soul shall still be hurt

hayeee.... i need a break... every thing is killing me right now... exam pressure... missing people ALOT .... work burden... stress... pata nahi kya kya .... i just don't know !! WTF !!! i need some food... i need a new life ... i need a new heart the one which is not so pathetic.... i am so lame... i am so stupid... i need a new brain... somebody infact anbody willing to kill me ... sure go ahead i'll write a suicide note and u can kill me.... fuck... am honestly lame, stupid, the one who needs a brain surgery as well !! *slams head on wall*

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