Voice of my angel

8:44:00 PM

I don`t know how to express my feelings right now,
Just don`t know how to react right now,
Should i be happy ?
Or should i cry out loud ?
I have sort of tears in my eys.
While have a smile on my lips.

If i think i just know this,
I have a smile coz after a very long while i heard your voice,
But i have tears coz how depressing it was for me to hear it like this,
I felt so helpless,
so desperate and aimless,
Like i have never been like it ever before,
And the main problem how to react ?

So i just write,
write it for you,
some words of love,
and some of sorrow.

I love you,
but i also hate you,
love you for loving me even being in this terrifying situation,
and hate you for loving me so much that i am petrified in this situation.

As my last words right now,
just want to say this,
that am with you,
am waiting for you,
i totally trust you,
and that my love is only for you.

I am still afraid,
i am still broken,
but yet far more strong then before,
coz i heard the voice of my angel.

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  1. @sirasi love the word somehow over here ;) !! u being optimistic haan !!


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