30 - 05 - 2009

10:35:00 PM

Was reading my blog and i realised WTF, its so depressing and well organised, i have been seriously writing for the last 2 weeks, and all posts actually do mean one thing or another. So i did my WTF thingy again :p and thought of writing my own bakwasiyaaat :D !!

First of all i would like to apologize you all, i haven't been on your blog for the past two days, well its not my fault and nor i am going to give a lame excuse like others that its because of exams. So just hear me out *aheem ahmmm cleans throat* aaaaa *gentles voice* My fucking internet was fucked up and it is still fucked up *lightens tone* and it would be staying in this fucking way for 3 more days coz WAPDA rocks and it has blown the fucking booster of our area! So MISS ME ;) !!

Oh and i was reading Anushay's Blog she had written this:

Aisi ghari hai aan parhi
Sar pe humaray,
Kaisi chaal thi takdeer mein likhi
Keh ab aap bhi na rahay apnay saharay...

May be it's her first urdu shair but i liked it :), and well a shair came into my mind after reading that arz kerta houn:
Iss tarah woh mujh ko asar ker gayee
Mujhey toh tanhai ki tasveer ker gayee
Mit naa paaye jo hazar koshish key bawajood
Naam apna youn mere dil per tehreer kar gayee....

Waisey is it possible to do that :s ... yeah it is, but who cares am in a very cheesy mood at the moment ! As i was watching tv for the like past 4 hours :D and there is a drama called ISHQ, JUNOOUN, DEWANGI on HUM TV wowww... what a drama am in love with that drama i don't watch much tv or drama's but that is simply awesome momina duraid is a genious (although she copies the stories from english books :p, per still she is good at it). So if any of you feel like awazar like me do check it out ....

5 papers gone, 5 left, accounts paper on tuesday and kasmaiin mainu kuch nahi aanda :s !! I feel stupid saying that in every paper :p !!


and oh yeah i watched dil walay dulhania lay jayein gain, i don't know why but i still love that movie :D !! Thinking about that movie fati loo tumharay liye ek gana hi gaa dayta houn kyaa yaad kero gi ;)

*turns loudspeaker on*
Ho gaya hai tujh ko bhi pyar sajna
Lakh ker lay tu, inkaar sajnaa
yeh haii pyar sajnaa
yeh hai pyar sajnaa

Oh and well i have finally submitted my form for Bsc(hons) in LSE and UCL .... i don't know why am doing that along with my ACCA, but khair i am doing it. I submitted for BSC(hons) in economics and finance (double majors) in LSE, and BSC(hons) economics and management.... Ufff demagh wakay hi kharab hai mayra...

Am listening to such old songs at the moment not old per one of my favz like kabhi kabhi mayray dil main khayal aata hai, dil ney jisay apnaa kaha, humesha tum ko chaha, all lovy dovy songs :p ...

hayeee ek dialogue hi suna dayta houn.... i hope its the same ... per jitna yaad hai woh likh dayta houn ....

Kabhi kabhii mayray dil main khayal aata, key zindagi tayri zulfoun ki narm chaoun main guzar pati toh shadab ho bhi sakti thee, yeh ranj o gham ki siyahi jo dil per chai hai tayri nazar ki shuaoun main kho bhi sakti thee, magar yeh ho naa saka, magar yeh ho na saka, aur ab yeh alam hai key tu nahi tayra gham tayri justuju hi nahi, guzar rahi hai kuch istarah zindagi jaisey isay kisi key saharay ki arzoo nahi, koi raah, koi manzil na koi roshni ka surakh, bathak rahi hai andheroun main zindagi mayri, inhi andheroun main reh jaoun gaa kabhi kho ker main janta houn mayri hamnafas magar KABHI KABHI mayray dil main khayal aata hai .....

Ufff this always makes me emo, waisey i don't need a reason to be emo i am just emo :p !!

NimzZz happy to come in your dreams ;) waisey i still don't understand why i was on the phone -_- when i was suppose to be holding your hand or SOMETHING ;p ... waisey pata kyaa... you were in my dream too few days back but DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT HERE :p .... you know mayra toh dimagh kharab hai ... hum itni bakwas kyun kertay hain .... well kaho kaho because you love me :p .... haan i know ahsaan nahi hai mayray sir pey :p .... acha ab tak sar gayee ho gii is liyee ssshhh i was just kidding ... but chalo done you should come in my dream today ... i have some plans for tonight ;) ofcourse we'll have dinner ALONG :D !!

and oh today i was talking to fati ek shair mara pata nahi kaisa tha per she liked it :D !! Woh bhi suna hi dayta houn:

barbade zindagi milti hai agar tujhey panay sey
toh has dain gain hum us zindagi key her sitam per

waisey this one was directly from heart !!

Kasmein mujhey chitar pernay walay huey huey hain ama say :p its 12.42 am and all i can think about is what to write next, BLOGGING IS BAD, WRITING EVEN WORSE :p

And oh Do check BEYOND THE CANVAS am uploading lots of thingies these days :D ....

And hey people pray for me, exams achay ho jayein perhna mayray bas ka rogh nahi bas dua kerday ravoo tusiii

(waah hun ai din vi aana tha key main punjabi vich galan keran gaa kasmain fitay moun :p *i love that word* kisi tay vi :p)

Love you all ;) !!

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  1. hahahahah well happy to see u non depressed ..i love the 2nd share ..and i love ur punjabi LOL i wish my punjabi was that good lol :D

  2. lmao
    ok i can't join u in saying "i hate wapda" cuz i dunno what it is
    omg even tho that song is so old I love it too i can sing all the words (that doesn't mean my singing sounds good :-P)
    what else...
    oh yea that movie was good like it alot, and all the songs too

  3. It's alright to have depressing blog posts sometimes, as we are all humans & go through all kinds of emotions. Writing on all kind of moods only makes us real and humans. Don't have to fake our happiness :P

    Well WAPDA has been getting rid of electricity issues for God knows how many years now, just heard on Geo couple of days ago that December is going to be IT! Well jeez, last time they said this coming July! Now they've moved to December..*sigh* and the cycle continues. Inka kuch nahi ho sakta!

    I don't get to watch much tv as I hardly get time due to college schedule & all but one show that I absolutely LOVE is Tere Pehlu Mein on Geo. God knows how long it's been on and I did miss out a lot in between but still love it!

    I hope to catch up on some good dramas while I'm in Pakistan considering I hardly get time here and we don't get all Pakistani channels abroad either!

    Good luck with all that you'll be doing in your future, you'll surely have lots of fun with all that you've submitted for! lol!

  4. I love DDLJ too. OMG! That movie gives me butterflies =P

    I heard the title song of that Hum tv drama. It was awesome (:

    Best of luck for the exams.

    I HATE WAPDA! Just to make you feel a little better, you know :D

    Love the second shair. <3

    I don't understand a single word of Punjabi :/ oh wait, there is an exception. I know "aaho" =P

  5. glad to see u happy.. may be your gears clicked after we had that insightful conversation :P:P

  6. Good to read ur rumblings :P njoiiied it .... I just love the kabji kabhi song coz thats the first song i ever sang in front of a crowd :P

    Keep smilin :)

  7. @Ad:
    yeah i love this movie...

    and this is a nice happy song but i like other songs more and NO I DON"T LIKE NAGADA AND MAUJA MAUJAA :p

  8. @anushay:
    yeah i love that song ... hehehe yeah its a very long post i just expect you to skim through it :p

    wow you sing too ?? woh bhi for mom dad ... thats cute :D

    yeah i know .... but your shair is better then mine =/

  9. @maham:
    hahaha naah she doesn't actually say anything i love exaturating :D !!

    hahaha you should have told me before main toh sub punjabi hi likhnay lag jata :p

    and wow 4 times... i thought my posts were long ;) !!

  10. wow u actually wrote the urdu shair urself? not bad hmm

    aur nai ji humay tu jaisay wapda bara piyara haina :p and congrats...pepco walon nay tumhari sun li..no load shedding for two days :P

  11. duh which guyanese person doesn't?
    of course i do
    rite now i can't get this sosng out of my head (i know it's old)
    suraj hua madham chanda chale laga asama ye hai
    ku pe gali lagi
    metehri ra hi zamee chale lagi
    dharka ye dil sas tumne lagi
    kya ye mera pehla pehla pyaar hai
    sry yea it's stuck in my head u watch indian movies?

  12. it's one of the cute post i ever read..it was a mixed feeling..roun ya hanso..ek pal ke liye itne sanjeeda lage agle pal hansaane lage..god bless u aur wo sher bohot hi acha tha keep it up.

  13. "...lame excuse like others that its because of exams?!" *Raises eyebrows* dude, I love my bloggy friends a lot and I LOVE reading everyone's blogs and writing posts, but I have been waaaaaay too busy to do everything all at once. I subscribe to a lotta blogs! (Like, 90ish. Half are food and photographs waley, but still!)

    But whatever. :)

    When you say LSE, do you mean the London School of Economics? Or is that just me? :S

    May Allah send the angels to whisper the right answer in your ears during the exam, insha'Allah.


  14. yea i don't speak urdu so that's why it came out all messed up but i love the song
    so :-p (you can't blame me)
    and yea i watch indian movies all the time

  15. um.... billu barber
    i love watching indian music and i pratically live off indian music

  16. was it good?
    yea gl with all those papers :-P skool's done for me
    for now atleast
    yea i love dancing to indian music

  17. @Khadija:
    i somehow liked it, others didn't but i loved the movie... especially SONAM KAPOOR ....

    wow, you dance too cooool :D

  18. what was the movie abt?
    did the songs have good beats to like dance to?
    u dance?

  19. @Khadija:
    i do like to dance, but i ain't good in that.... but i can do good close dance...

    and oh by the way the movie was nice, just see it and yes its songs were awesome!!!

  20. i'm not boasting or being concieted or anything but i'm a pretty good dancer
    yea i'll have to look up the songs on youtube and rent the movie

  21. not always have you seen rhitik roshan dance? man that dude can dance!!!
    but yea sound like fun, i'll dance at your wedding ;-)

  22. its HRITHIK ROSHAN... and yeah he is my favourite dancer in guys :D ... ufff he moves his body so well, its like he is made to dance ;)

    and yeah you have to do that :D !!


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