A Simple Thought

3:03:00 PM

Sometimes loving someone means having to walk away from them.....

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  1. How true... letting go is another way of saying I Love You :)

  2. Sahi baat hai, but only if they want to go!

  3. That's very true. I'd just like to add though, that walking away from them only if they are not 'yours'!

    Walking away from the love of your life, who might also be your wife, might not be such a good idea :D

  4. @siras:
    haan naah... i have written it about my case ... is liye i know what i am talking about :)

    Obviously that person would be stupid ... but in some cases its better to leave the person.... if they want to go ... and if they are having family problem just coz of you and if they have to leave their whole family just because of you then time comes... key you'll have to just for the sake of your love leave them ... it does give pain but sometimes its the only way !!

  5. Nhi .. i dont care what other people.. :P

  6. i sooo know what u mean...

  7. thatz so tru, sometimes u gotta let go n letting go shows how much u love them even if they don't see it, they might realize it later on in life :]

  8. @D:
    per its already done !!

    Did it with a big heart :s ... no i didn't ... i did it coz that was the only way i could keep our love alive in her heart ... and i also did it coz i loved her alot .... and her happiness does mean a world to me !!

    i did it ... coz i think it was meant to happen ... and this was the only way i could exist in her life by doing what it was right :(


    bacha will she ever realise that ?? I know she loves me but will she remember that there was a guy named ubaid in her life ?? per i think agar woh naah bhi yaad rekhay toh koi farq nahi perhay gaa atleast i'll remember her !!

  9. Watta line...:P LOL.. Sorry just wanted to say that.

    On a serious note those are exactly the same words that i have been screaming in my head... The ones u said in ur last comment....

  10. why don't u think i understand this one?


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