Autumn Soul

3:30:00 PM

I've some how lost myself
Haven't a clue where to look
I've searched every place
even under the bridges I've burned

I'm always numb now
No feelings inside
If you look close within me
you will see all has died

I was once a happy person
with so much to give
Now I'm an empty shell
with no hope to live

Maybe someday I will find myself
hidden far away
For now I will live like this
until time has it's say

Yes no feelings regarding happiness, but i feel sadness, i do get depressed, i am not sad i am content this is what i always say, yet the truth lies in my eyes.... Deeper you look more you get to see what lies hidden behind them, i am no angel, i am not even a demon, i am a person who is just like everyone else, numbness is a phase, depression is also just a phase... I know i'll be happy, i have hope, i trust in God, i have huge mood swings and i know how huge they are... These depressions and sorrows make me realise that am alive, what would be the use if i don't know what sadness is ?? If i don't know what that is how would i know the meaning of being happy ? Waisey bhi Happiness is nothing for me just the absence of sadness .... I am lost... Lost in the dunes and the dust of this cruel world, trying to find my own existence, trying to make people realize that i do actually exist. I love the things which others love i hate the things which others hate... I love seeing the shooting star, yet they break my heart, i love seeing the sunset yet it makes me sad, i love watching the birds fly over my head yet i feel like catching them, i love the planes flying over my head yet it makes me wanna a fly... Some times i wish to have wings to fly a delightfully journey other time i wish that may God never give me wings so that i may take great pride in shaping my own flight and pray to give me hearts instead so that I may feel with double my own contentment.... Yet i feel that i am lost, yet
i am always numb now yet i think that i have no feelings inside yet i tell others to look close within me just to see that all has died...

(Dekha jaye main banda houn yaa Knaaiye (barber) :p)

Song playing along: Two Stones In My Pocket by Neil Halstead

Original Post Name: Lost
Originally Posted on: Beyond The Canvas
Reason of naming the post autumn soul: Its the orignal name of the manipulation which i did... and the piece of poetry was never made for it... But it looked so well with it, that i placed it along... i ain't a good writer so couldn't come up with a better name so named it autumn soul ;) and waisey bhi i am tired of depressing you people out :p so thought of giving it a light name :D

(For more pieces of poetry and pictures do check the above mentioned blog out)

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  1. Its ironic that I am actually enjoying reading someone's pain.

    Beautifully written!

  2. I hardly know you, but when I read your writing, I have this feeling you have gotten into my head and put my thoughts into words.

    Amazingly expressed .Just keep sharing :)

    I hope you dont mind me adding you to my blogroll :)

  3. up =/ clue why Im asking you to cheer up when Im pretty ticked off myself and that is an under-statement... bleh.....but yea..get some dohnuts and a DVD set of Friends...-shrug-

  4. Nice :)
    I love the picture! ^__^

  5. Ubaid you are a good writer and your words are pretty expressive :)One of the few i follow everyday ...

    Carry on writing n am sure you soon will have a huge following :D


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