Bachay 2 Hi Achay :p

7:37:00 AM

Hehehe ... aur koi title nahi mil raha tha ... i was just looking at what i have written for the past few days ... WOW lots of depressing stuff, hehehe i think i have got the hang of it !! Now i know how to write a little FINALLLYY I KNOW HOW TO WRITE A LITTLE !! and oh by the way welcome to all my new and nice readers thanks for commenting ... SILENT READERS I STILL DONT LIKE YOU :p !!

Anywayss i was tagged by BOOGIIEEE MONSTER :D !! i have to tell 10 things which i have to teach to my children ... so as long as my family planning works i'll be having 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls !! It depends key NATAAAYJ waisey hi aatain hain ya nahi :p per still i'll try my best to get the desired result :p ....

anyways so for the boys... hmmmm *makes a serious face* here it goes....

1: Your mom is suppose to be your only girl friend (i.e until you turn 10)
2: Flirting with every girl is not good (you should only flirt with girls who have sexy moms)
3: Respect me, or else i won't get you anything you want (buhahahaha)
4: Go early to bed (so dad can peacefully talk to your mom :D)
5: Respect your grandmother and mom, whatever they say to you, you have to obey it without even thinking once !
6: I'll buy you a dog so i can take you to Racecourse daily... but you have to promise you won't look what dady is doing there :D
7: You have to be an allrounder in cricket and make me proud...
8. Don't be a tharki like Sawj :p
9: You have to know cooking so you can cook for your wife ;)
10: And you have to be as artistic as i am :D *brags*

Ok now what i'll teach my sweet little angels bolay toh larkiyoun ko :D
1: Boys are bad, flirt, have rubbish thinking SO STAY AWAY FROM THEM !
2: Teach them how to tie a tie ... (apnay bandoun ko khush rekhna bhi toh ho gaa :p)
3: You have to learn how to play a violin and daily play it for me :D
4: I am your best friend and oh yeah dad too
5: If i see you with any guy, toh us ki safety ki zimaidaar aap khud ho gi !!
6: You are the boss of the house, don't let your brothers say anything to you, if they do say anything to you just tell me i'll spank them hard :D
7: You can have boy friends at the age of 18 but they have to be interviewed with me and your mom !! and yes you are allowed to do a love marriage, your happiness is my happiness :)
8: Don't ever give up on your dreams
9: Study hard and make me proud
10: Well you have to learn how to cook and bake as good as you grandmother ....

:) thats it .... definitly i'll love them :D !!And oh yeah i'll love my wife alot ...

SO ANYONE INTERESTED ;) !! I'll keep you happy :D .... (interested people pls mention your name below, i'll get to you as soon as poosble)

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  1. Hahahaha was a real nice one Ubaid had me laughing. Real cute :P

    Oh yea I hope am around to see at 18 how your girls boyfriends are treated lol .

    Well being sensitive helps being a good parent :P n you sure will make a fine one :D

    Stay smiling!!!

  2. lol awwwwwww those r reli cute
    lmao...I like what you'll teach the grls, the boys...hmmmmm

  3. oh and I wonder if yur wife will b happy with all of those ahem* especially the boys*ahem*

  4. Love the first advice for your daughters. So true.

    What does tharkimean? o_O

  5. @mav:
    haan naah they shouldn't give up on it when i'll support them they should keep on going :)

  6. it's just reli cute and sweet (what you teach you girls :-)
    god, a simply repli to my comment and you make it rhyme and all poetry like :-)
    kind of loyal :-P

  7. @komal:
    then you didn't understand its meaning :p ... coz he really does fit in that :D !!

  8. yes, ubaid we all know yur the best 8-)
    the cute part...hmmmm :-p

  9. yes, ubaid we all know yur the best 8-)
    the cute part...hmmmm :-p

  10. @nadia:
    hehehe... yeah am cute naah !! trust me on this ;) !!

  11. so yur calling yurself cute? :-P

  12. what do u look for in a wife?

  13. lol ok if u say so :-P

  14. Salay jealous log! Meray naam pe link laga! ;)

  15. lol i always think it's funny when ppl say "hehehehe" they sound like their giggling
    instead of saying lol or lmao

  16. lol i don't think i wanna hear a GUY giggle :-P

  17. @khadija:
    hehehe my gigle is not that bad its just he he hehe hehe :p !!

  18. okay but a GUY giggling is just plain out weird


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