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He was ready, he had an aim now; He knew what he wanted now, but the thing he didn't know were the things which were waiting ahead, which were planned by God. After falling apart several times he was ready to move, he wanted to fall in love again, he even had a perfect person near him whom he liked so much and was waiting for the day when he would realize that the feelings have grown stronger.

So he finally went to her....

He brushed his long black hair away from his pale face so he could make eye contact with her. The silence only made the situation worse. An awkward strange feeling grew, as if they went back in time where they were, once again, strangers. Not knowing each other’s name, or anything about their life. This was somewhat true as they had not known each other for long, but both had little feelings for each other. And they cared about each other.

"Why?" he walked towards her, he could tell she didn't have a reason why, for He finally knew the truth.
"Are you sure?" he asked in a low voice.
She laughed and said "yes, I am positive about it, we have family terms, and he is a very nice guy".
He slightly turned his face to a side, he knew the reality which she was telling has again broken him apart, but he didn't want to make her sad, he didn't want her to know what he felt for her, he didn't even want to admit the fact that "HE LOVES HER".

He suddenly had a flash back of how they met and how he started to talk to her, and how his feelings began. He remembered the hot days when he waited out side the classroom just to see her smile. She always smiled when she was with her friends. Then he took hold him self and made sure that she couldn't see the sadness on his face.

So he smiled, then turned towards her, looking at the ground and said "Wow, girl you rock, buddy, you should have told me before". Then he started to laugh "Hahahaha, if I had known this before I would have met you like 4 - 5 months before" Then he winked.
She replied while giggling "that wouldn't have worked either. I have had this feeling for him for the last two years".
He gave a dull smile to this reply of hers, and she asked "Do you know him? Have you seen his pictures?"
He nodded, and she excitedly said "oh cool, and then tell me what your opinion is? He is nice naah?"
He replied "Yeah he is very nice, I’ve known him for a while but I don't think he knows me. He is very good looking and nice in nature. You two look as perfect as a couple".
It was too much for him, but he just couldn't tell her the truth, not that he was afraid but he didn't tell her because he was so mesmerized. She had the most beautiful eyes, eyes so beautiful that they sparkled in the light, she had the most amazing smile he had ever seen, a smile so radiant that it beamed for miles, she had the most loving heart, a heart so loving that love spreads within her presence, she had the most fruitful character, a character so fruitful that it is hard not to smile when she’s near. And for him her name was the best because she had a name so soft sounding that when, whispered in his ear, it gave him butterflies, she had a name so reassuring that when spoken to him it calmed his nerves, he was really in love with her.

But knowing that she loves someone else, the last things he said to her before he went back was, "Hey, I am a little confused!"
She was going to speak but he said "ssshhh just listen" she nodded and he continued what he was saying
"I am confused, that should I be happy or should I be sad? Sad that you love someone, or happy that you love someone, it doesn't make much sense to you so just forget what I said. Listen I have to go now, and you better go as well, we both have our examination. And hey buddy keep smiling, I’m really happy for you, and you know I’ll always be there for you, yeah I know now I can't flirt around with you *winked at her* but well who cares at least I'll be with you in every hardship of your life. And you two will look best together, I will pray that he keeps you happy"
she gave him an innocent smile and said "He will, I know he will keep me very happy".
The words pierced through his heart and he turned away, while whispering a goodbye.

He became so silent after coming back from there that nobody realized his presence at home, the last thing he did that day was he started to write, some words of truth, some words which meant something to him, and some lie's which he wanted to tell him self.

" I sit here,
Waiting for her call,
Each minute I bear,
I brace for my fall,
Her beauty leaves me in awe,
She makes my heart stall,
Try to keep my mind occupied,
But her love breaks the laws,
She isn't supposed to get to me,
I’m not falling in love,
She already has a man,
That’s what I tell myself,
But as I sit here,
Telling a bold face lie,
At night I cry,
Because she loves some other guy"

That was the day when another hope died for him, another truth broke him apart, another fact of reality brought him to the real world and he realized that he isn't destined to be loved by anybody again.......

Notes: This is just fiction, it has nothing to do with me... and by the way this is my first fiction ever ... i think :s

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  1. :-( that is so sad, but I liked it cuz it's not one of those stories where in the end it's all happy and fairy tale like so good job, but I'm sad for the dude tho

  2. i really like the short poem, u worded it well and it rhymes really well too :]

    as for the story, we'll talk about that later, well written still.

  3. this is very proficiently written....

  4. Nice one :) tho a lil sad :'( loved the poem ... Keep them coming....

  5. yea REAL close
    yur welcome

  6. writing what one more time? the story?

  7. no u shouldn't rewrite it you should finish your papers and exams first!!!

  8. sure do that
    then email it to me :-) i'd like to learn what happens next


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