Drenched in blood

4:15:00 PM

He watched as his blood dripped slowly down his arm. He was fascinated by it, so red, so alive, unlike him, Light glinting off of metal. It was a sight not un-welcome. Cold, that's what he felt inside. Lonely, this was what he would wake up to. Pain, was what he live for, it gave him an escape. He wondered if he cut's more will his blood come faster? He watched as the room swirled. His head became light, the blood continued to pour; it was like a small puddle on his leg.

He carved this into his arm. That's what he wanted them to find, he wanted them to know what he last felt.

On the other arm he placed these four little letter's. Life? Because it had been cruel! It had served him no purpose. He lives, yes, but his life was not what he wanted. Brutally the last purpose of his life was taken away, just for the sake of revenge, a revenge of a deed which he never did. But he had to pay for what he was destined to. He carved it as deep as he could while suffering the pain and the anguish what he was going through.

Drenched in blood he whispered "Take care my dear; I won't be back to give this world scars, the cuts, such hurt. I am so sorry; I feel I don’t know you at all. I know you have died; I know nothing of your revival. I fear you are gone forever".
Bleeding he reached for her, dead she lie away from him. He was weak he needed her, he dragged him self near her and gently held her right hand and started to rub with his hand's full of blood, but she was cold, he didn't leave her hand and placed his head near her head and started whispering again "When will you once more enter this heart, the rain is like acid on your wings" he kissed her on her forehead, her eyes finally closed and he started talking again in a voice so deep but confident, not even a bit of fear in it; "You are cold, many stab wounds cover you. I remember when you were beautiful, lying here now, I see you’re nothing. You should have never listened to them, I tried to protect you but it only hurt you more. You’re an angel, angel’s can not go to hell, But you do not ascend to heaven you remain here, dead, I need someone to save you".
He yelled “Help” he cried to the night, she’s dead he mutter under his breath, with her death he no longer had a fear of death, "You see my dear, you are for me to give and now I can not give you, you were taken by another, you are no longer part of me. I gave you so much I kept none of you for myself. Now death has stabbed you in the back, I need you to survive this life; I just need someone to save you from this painful death. Someone who can lead us to a new life."

Last words came out with a deep pain and then the silence took over....

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  1. Does it sound macabre that I like writing about blood too? So many lovely adjectives can be used... :P

  2. @siras:
    hehehe ouch from my side too

    hahahaha this means atleast i'll have a comment from your side on such posts ;)

    yeah i know lots and lots of things can be used and i could have made it gore but i preferred it to be simple !! but khair i would love suggestions coz this is totally not my style !! so help would be appreciated !!

  3. well written :] very sad n touchy

  4. Brutal ........ :O hmmm Gory too .

    Lol siras said it right OUCH !

    Another new style ! Good work !

  5. this is actually sick.... why would anyone want to write anything like this...... its out of my comprehension dude...

  6. ouch yea i don't like all that blood it's too sad and depressing and yea WAAAY to much blood

  7. Yep, i have and i always faint at the mere sight of it :|

  8. @Mav:
    hahahah yes may be... but i love my emo ness it gives me inspiration to write :D

    awwww.... but someday you'll become strong :)

  9. true but still i don't like blood it just i dunno my stomach starts hurting when i hear or see too much blood

  10. yea that's true
    u like photography?

  11. @Khadija:
    LIKE ???

    I LOVE IT :D!!

  12. lol same here
    just got my camera and memory stick is already full
    i was just wondering

  13. nah i haven't got a chance to do that lately been pretty busy around here and now i'm sick :-(

  14. yea i'll try when i feel better and when ii got time to waste :-)


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