Echoes within...An Ode to Self

8:15:00 AM

A yearning soul i am defined
my beloved teacher as ensigned
Placing heads high above the pedestals
putting down the penitent head i shine

Peeling layers and mysteries of H and U
i'll be your bridge to wangle on
Be gentle,
Be kind for the shrine in heart of mine
is all Angels entwined

I sleep with million dreams in me
and wake with many galaxies unwind
My cries have moved the earth behind
Barren,I gave birth to million stars that shine
I am the mother of all your creation
yet THE I in ME is only Divine

Credits: Aneeqa Malik
(My one and only phophoo )
*love you yaar*

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  1. This was a lovely poem :) Who wrote it? Your phupho?

  2. wow..
    seems lyke ur phophoo inspired from sakepeare
    meinu tu pura khandan he kaghaz kalay kerne wala lagta haa:P
    nice dp
    it reminds me tht its been long i had visited sea-side last :(

  3. I love the pic that goes with the poem... because it more understandable :P

    lol... with all these poetic posts... and all this reading blogs... I might end up in actually "easily" understanding poetry :D :D


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