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7:11:00 AM

This was kind of funny :p ....

anyways yeah i know i am posting weird stuff these days ... but i don't have anything to post i have a writer's block... and well i can't even manipulate nor can think of anything these days ... but well am happy ... atleast kind off ... per am really screwed up !! paper in like 5 days ... and my preperation is pathetic ... well its not completely my fault ... KON ALEVELS MOU CHUK KER 2 MONTHS MAIN KER LAYTA HAI ... and especially when you don't even know what books are there, the syllabus or anything....


am so fucked up .... khair i try, i really do try to concentrate per phir bhi why am i not able to study properly :( !! i just keep on procrastinating ... well its not like i am missing you !! haan thora thora toh jaiz hai ... per i ain't missing you nor am emo or anything even i am talking to a really really nice girl these days who promised to help me out ... but am still so messed up ...

ab main us ko jaa ker kya kahoun key i don't know anything pls help me out :( !! woh mayray mamay ki beti toh hai nahi jo she'll gonaa help me out !! khair its still sweet of her jitna she is doing !!

well i need a miracle and prayers, that reminds me i need to start praying again (YES IT ACTUALLY GIVES RELIEF) .....

mujhey toh accounts ka syllabus bhi samajh nahi aa raha :( paper 2 aur paper 4 main kya aata hai ?? ARGHH HELPPPPPPP !!!

khairr am off going to my urdu academy ... aaj we have to do essays ....

PLS PRAY FOR ME PEOPLE !! i desperately need them !!

well the video is still funny

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  1. haan bas rely on miracle prayers :P Parh lo thora sa :D

    And this one is so hilarious .. 50's style and so appropriate .. I was so tempted to post it on my blog too but then I was like sari tumhari posts chori tu na karoon naa :P

    But it was awesome :)

    All the best ~


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