I know you're there

10:23:00 AM

I know you're there, but I prefer not to believe you exist,
Yet you stand before me believing in me,

I know you are there, but I prefer not to see your face again,
Yet, you stand before me trying to make me see,

I know you are there, but I don't want to exist in your world,
Yet you stand beside me holding me with hope is gone,

I know you exist, but I prefer to be oblivious,
Yet, you are right in front of me to see,

I was once your life,
But, you didn't seem to care,
Now I'm gone you miss me more,
More than the moment I was once in your life.......

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  1. Aah, you missed my previous FB status:

    It's your move...I'm in pain. I'm a pawn...in your game. It's your life...I just happen to be in it...for a while...

    Scorpions - You're Loving Me To Death

  2. Sad ):
    Beautiful (:

    P.S. I'm sorry for taking all the time to make the banners. Actually I don't have the right kinda software anymore... Let me buy the CD, then will make them. ASAP (:

    P.S. Best of luck for your Exams.


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