Mom love you yaar !!

9:40:00 AM

Yeah its really hard to say it live... i have never been that sort .... no hug shug wala bucha... well you know that from birth but it doesn't mean key i don't love you yaar !! i do love you .... and well you have always been my friend... and i like it that way !! nahi gee you do scold me when its needed... per seriously mom you have done alot for me ... AND REALLY ALOT ... i know you support all of us ... har kaam aap hi kerti ho ... you do cooking, take care of us, joke around with us, take us too nice places, even help us in our shopping, you go to school work all day, come back then do the house hold stuff, then even do extra work just so you can earn for us, where does your happiness go ? where does your life go ? nahi kahin bhi nahi you live for us ... you have always done that .... kitni baar aap ko kaha key live for your self... per maa phir maa hi hoti hai you never do that ... i would never show what i am writing to you !! COZ I DONT THINK I HAVE THE GUTS TO SAY IT !! pata nahi :s .... i love you ... you know that ... perrr arghh its better for me not to express :p i like it this way ... khair i made something for you today .... and wrote something too !! and also hmmmmm oh yeah i have to buy a gift too !! acha jata houn :p am just being lazy... and why aren't you going with us for lunch itni baar toh kaha mainey !! per chalo khair hai .... i'll go and buy a gift !!

acha check this out .... i know its not good per mainey try kiya hai !! i hope you like it ....

Mother's day ....
Yes it has a hype,
Yes everybody is getting all hyper over it,
Yes everybody is expressing their love for their mothers,

Yet mom i am watching and just thinking....
Why i ain't doing that,
Why my words are un written,
Why the love of her is just so deep in my heart that why can't i express ??

So I speak....


I wish you the Best on your Day!
Infact i wish you the best on each and every day that comes in your life !
May they Shine Bright and Beautifully!
May Smiles never end and Praise never ceases !
Know that what you do REALLY does mean alot to me!
Even if i appear not to take it to heart.
Even though my actions nore my words express what there is for you....

You are my Foundation!
You are my Dream maker!
You are my Friend and yes one of the Best's one!
You are the Fighter,
And yes you are my Protector ....

You are the Voice of Reason when neccessary!
You show to me the Paths we can take to grow
You are the Nuturing one that helps Shape my mind.
You help me to be so much more then i could ever think of....

Like a garden that Blossoms
so does your Love for me.
I can only go forward with me Dreams
Because i have the Power of you behind me.
When the fogs rolls in and i become Lost
You will always be there with the Light that finds us
No Matter What.
And yes that happens alot,
Atleast in my life....

You Empower me.
You Teach me.
You Shield me.
You are Unconditional Love at the Purest,
Your love superceeds the love of others which was never there for me i guess,
But alteast you were always there for me,
And you still are....

Mom relationships may come and go
as i travel on the Journey known as Life
But as my Mother...
You will Always Remain Forever in my Heart.

And yes i repeat,
Its not just about today,
My love for you is always there....
Per, i guess i am never the expressing sort....

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  1. yeah it does... =) !!

    aaahhh sweet yeah kind of ... it was just something which came from my heart ...

    and oh by the way i took her to ARIZONA GRILL !!

  2. what you are not the expressing and hug etc sort? thats a shocker now...i always thought u are that sort of a guy.,,,hmm :/
    expression of love is IMPORTANT

    but khair...your post is cute ehehe
    and i lve your work


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