My Never

4:35:00 PM

Kabhi Kabhi mayray dil main khayal aata hai......
Key jaisey tujh ko banaya gaya hai mayray liye....
Tu ab sey pehley sitaroun main bas rahi thee kahein...
Tujhey zameen per bulaya gaya hai mayray liye....

My playlist has gone mad today, my mind is so numb at the moment, drugs are doing wonders, no pain no stress, but when am so numb all i can think about is you. I wasn't missing you, yes its a lie, but who cares you are above all the existence of me. I wonder in the distant lands just to forget who i am and who you were for me. But MEMORIES, MOMENTS, THOUGHTS, MUSIC they all just make me remember you so much. I lived a whole life with you, time was long enough for me to live a whole life. You were my existence, that now when you are gone my existence is yet another question !

Bolo naah, Bolo naaaah....
Tayra mayra pyar hai key nahi....
Bolo naah
Tayra mayra pyar hai key nahi...
Ankhoun sey ankhein mila key....
Bolo naah
Jawaab doh mayray sawal kaa...

I say someday I'll forget the color of your eyes, the sound of your voice will be unfamiliar.... Someday I'll forget that I once loved you, the feelings will have faded, someday I'll forget... But thats so untrue another lie which has no need to be told but yet i say, i say that i'll forget you, coz i want to move on, i am moving on... I have found so many people which i like, not love but liking someone is the first step... Ankhoun sey ansoo piye hontoun pey tayra naam liye... Aaj raat bhi neend naa aaye gi ! Another night for me to remember you, for me to be more numb and high at the same time in your love. How can a person fall so in love with someone that he forgets everything around, even the people who care about him ? Then i say again.... That i'll forget.... forget everything we had... and still have, the way we still talk to each other, why does it still have feelings ? I just don't get it....

Badle raaste jharne aur nadi,
Badli deep ki timtim,
Chedhe zindagi dhun koi nayee,
Badli barkha ki rimjhim,
Badlengi rituyein adaa,
Par mein rahungi sada,
Ussi tarah teri bahon mein baahein daalke,
Har lamha, har pal...

The way you blush when you think of me, the way I smile when I remember your words, the way I almost wanna pass out when someone mentions you, the way I wanna go to bed early just so I can dream of you... The way I wanna hold your hand, the way I write your name on my books while i am studying, the way I wish I shared every moment with you, the way my heart beats faster and the way I feel when I imagine you with me... Yes i'm just like every other guy, who's ever wanted to be held by someone else and I'm just like every story, hoping for a love-filled ending.... But i know this ending won't ever come... but i still wait because I'm human too, and I somehow still feel, after all I've been through, I still feel love...

Hold me now
I'm 6 feet from the edge
And I'm thinkin
Maybe 6 feet ain't so far down

Maybe it isn't that bad loosing you, loosing what we have, coz the only thing which we lost is US BEING TOGETHER, but we did prove that nothing can finish the love, the care, the respect, the emotions we still have for each other... nothing can !! We're so close, yet so far, the distance between us, can't be measure, just by thinking of it, yes my heart does break, my legs do tremble... Yes i do become torn, twisted, petrified... When finally, finally, I did found someone so dear, so precious to me, YOU my love......Why did you have to perish from my sight? It's all like a dream. And I woke up too soon.

Find Me Here
Speak To Me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That's leading me
To the place where I find peace again.

*Playlist going wild*

Hey you are still my strength, that keeps me walking. You are still the hope, that keeps me trusting. You still are the light to my soul. You still are my're everything. YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING, and i'll never let you go... except at the moment when i would be commit to someone, someone who starts loving me, someone who does actually care for me, at that moment, i would completely belong to her, my heart, my soul, my loyalty, my trust, my devotion, my existence and even the reflection of my eyes would be only for her... BUT ...... you'll remain something for me which i have no words to explain, neither it is worth explaining, Because,


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  1. Oh shucks! Why is EVERYONE talking about love! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

  2. heheh perfect reason ;) !! waisey you aren't talking about love for a long time BUT STILL THAT DOESNT STOP me :p

  3. well i can't be as brave as you ;) !! HOLDING YOUR EMOTIONAL WORD THINGY :p ..

    and oh by the way am reproducing my music playlist :D !!

  4. ahan... waiting for you to burst out then :p ...

    and yeah actually i am trying to keep it short but i love so many songs that i have already added 78 =(

  5. :]

    i did read it, but ill talk to u about it when ur on msn

  6. Love sucks!
    and no the good parts of it don't match the bad parts.
    Was a believer but no more!

    Nice post btw.

  7. I wish I could have that thinking, but I think Ive been damaged way too much to believe in that anymore :(

    The scars are the ones that remain....those are the ones I want to erase.

  8. @only one:
    what do you think i am not hurt ? I am hurt too, i don't know your story but a fact is i have been so hurt that the pain almost killed me, khair...

    SERIOUSLY i do have scars, but i don't wish to erase them, because those scars reminds me of my past, and yes my past is very beautiful atleast some of it is....

    so why don't you stop thinking about erasing your past and start living for the present (yes i know this is like almost impossible but i'll repeat ALMOST imossible) ...

  9. @only one:
    No no nooo... i definitly didn't get offended seriously...

    and sorry if i soud rude ....

    yeah lets stop the debate .... but nice to know that you have started living in the present and i totally know what you mean...

    sometimes when the memories and stuff takes over when the moments recall ufff they do make it impossible to breathe....

    i totally can understand =) !!

  10. @only one:
    i would love that =)

    and by the way i am trying to opne your blog but there is something wrong with your template it keeps on crashing my firefox :( !!

  11. oh I dont know about that.
    no one else said anything yet, ok I have exams right now but as it is am planning on changing the template after hold on till then? hopefully it was just a bad day and works now :)

  12. Just wanted to say been readin your blog a while n this one was something I could relate to right now :)Well written !

    Memories are what make you and I guess the trick is to treasure the good ones n move on .


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