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6:40:00 PM

I know, its a really strange name for a post, per it has sense....

Last night was at my friends place, actually he had cleared his CA Module A and B so he had call us all over, yes i was suppose to be studying but this was late so i thought why not. I went there so we found out that we are going to do BBQ it was hot when i got there but in a while a cool breeze started blowing so we set up a bonfire on the roof along with that we made an anghiti (an instrument on which bbq is done) and started making the BBQ ofcourse i wasn't doing that, I was the one handling the music, i don't know why all of my friends think i have a distinct choice but anyways they were disapointed as the computer's sound card was not working so i brought my precious IPOD from my car and played the songs on it... And well you have all seen my playlist it has depressing songs more rather then the party one's. Anyways some of the friends did like the tracks per NOT all of them.....

So i was saying that we started making BBQ, and some of it got prepared and so we decided to test the masala before we make more.... Andddddd i tested, Anndddd it was Good, per i am not use to spicies so that was pretty spicy and i started hicupping and i rushed for the bottle, opened the bottle and what i drank was definitly not water, i drank MITTI KA TAIL (oil for burning) =( it was placed right along with water bottles and woh gandi si jo nayee bottle aaye hai naah gourmet ki the green color one the oil was in that yukkkhhh =( yukh is not even a word compare to how it tasted =( .... yes laugh if you wish but honestly it was horrible, i have a bad habbit or call it my routine when i start hiccuping i just take a water bottle and gallop lots of water i don't drink it i just gallop it, well that does remove the hiccups per last night, it didn't allow me to taste that thing so i could just spit it out...... Anyways i was like really sick whole night although i enjoyed there alot, but i puked atleast 5 times there and was doing that all night long so in total i puked like 12 times :( .... and the pungent smell of the oil, and its taste hit me so hard in the head and etc it really hurted me IN LITERAL SENSE ....

Anyways am much better now but still not well....

And today is my bestessssttt friend, and big brother's birthday... So Umair boiii HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU =) !! Bhaiya i hope and pray that you have many more =)

And bhaiya the party was awesome we had lotzzz of fun =) !!

And oh yeah, i had my first paper of urdu on 13th, Allah ka karam that went well, but MY CENTER SUCKS, royal palm is the worst center ever...

EDIT: no it isn't garison golf club is... i heard that students reached there very late, i wish my center was SUKHCHAIN =( (i love that place :D) ...

Did anyone notice that there are very less dots in my post :D wow, ubaid tum sudher rahay ho shabash.

My next Paper is well on aaaaaaaaaaa 19Th ....

Yaar wtf mujhey business ka kuch nahi aata can ANYONE JUST GUIDE ME KEY KYA KERNA HAI US MAIN ? I know how to do the scenario wala paper and the case study one but the first one i ain't good in that ANY TIPS ??

Well i need to work on what i write i don't have much reader's waisey toh i write for my self but i would love having lots of readers :D !!

FUCKKK its too hot today .... why is it sooo soooo hot today =( !!

and it's been ages since i saw marina on my blog =( ...

Anyways Fati, Zara, Marina, Abdullah, Falak, Bush, Abbas, Anushay, and who ever have papers best of luck for your papers =) !!

(if i missed out any names pls do forgive)

*Burppp* (oil tasted burpss yukkkhhh =(...)

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  1. Oh my! That sucks! Hope you feel better soon! Next time please look at what you’re drinking!!!
    And I would suggest going to the doctor!

  2. yeah it sucks =( !!

    yeah i hope the same :-\ ...

    and going to the doctor naahh what if he gives me some hard medics or even worse suggests me something really bad....

    its better not to go :( !!

  3. Suggests something really bad?? LOL! Pagal ho? :P It's better to go, make sure everything's okay, and if he gives medicines then they'll make you better! :P

  4. oh yea hope u feel better!
    yup it is meltin hot!
    i just showered and i think i need a pool to sleep in!

  5. ewww oil tasting burps!!! ewww ubaid... next time SEE AND DRINK!!!!


    and that thing looks tasty. bbq! yum.

  6. woooops .. akelay akelay BBQ khanay ka anjaaam :P

    But shukar Allah ka that it didnt do any harm .. it could've been fatal you know =( Have a check-up too ... better to have your system cleaned up .. or drink lots of water for few days so that it cleanses ur system:)

    Happy bday to umair bhai :>

  7. hahaha... sounds so much fun. Shukar karo nobody lighted a match at that time, werna to... :D
    Go, see a doctor and get your tummy cleaned.
    and this bbq and cake look so yum-yum!! =)

  8. @dinky:
    lolz... heheh yeah but i had to smoke half a ciggerete (the thing which i hate alot) to just change the taste of my mouth :p ...

    and waisey its a thought could i get fire ??


    and thanks ... mom made the cake and yeah well bbq was awesome although i had mix tastes :p

    lolz us key liye bohat mehnat kernay parey gi :p ...

    and no prob man ;) !! and thanks :) !!

  9. should go to a better doc :P

    parha likha one :P

  10. should go to a better doc :P

    parha likha one :P

  11. :O
    Omg, Ubaid! Are you ok now? Bloody hell! Why didn't you got the doctor! It's *oil* you drank!

    Take care of yourself and watch what you put into your mouth!



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