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you know what have you have ever had those moments....
when there is no light, nobody at home, you all by youself, pin drop silence, no television, no computer, no video game, no nothing... You send message to the person who is most close to you
and their mobile turns out to be off, then you send message to your other friends and they just don't reply back, then you go through your phone book and try calling up people whom it has been ages you haven't talked and you really want to talk to them but after you dial you realise they have changed their numbers, then you try some more random numbers and yet nobody
replies.... Then you go ahead and read your old messages but you get bored of them and throw you mobile away, you look at the window and there is nothing there except darkness, then you lay down on your bed and just hear the sound of the fan running on the ups, but that is unheard too there is nothing there except total silence, silence of the night starts to haunt, every sound made echoes through then dies... have you ever had such a moment ??


But while i was living the moment of silence and loneliness, i was trying to hear the silence and well this time i was successful in it. I know its strange to say but i I have heard what the silence means, The absence of sound, But if this is true, Then why is it so loud,why does it drown? Silence aah ! I can hear so many things, Words you're not speaking, Desire encroaching, Silence taking...everything... Soon i started to find peace in the sound of night, The mellifluous melody started to steal my mind.... The torn book of my thoughts then I continued to write, My dreams and dark night interwined. Reborn, the second sun betrayed day, I let the music of deaf fill me whole. Letting my hopes be mercilessly washed away, I became one with the deepest part of my soul. And then loneliness took over me.... made me realise where i stood... The silence of night took me away to the world of reality... I have to cry all by myself because there is no shoulder for me to cry on.... Dreading the next day because i know there will be no one for me to share it with.... Stoping to talk it's because there is no one who wants to listen to me... Sitting by myself because everyone else is too embarrassed to be seen with me.... Playing games alone because everyone else is afraid of me afraid of getting hurt by me... Getting an invitation on facebook, only to find out it had been some horrible mistake... Going to the movies by myself because everyone else was just “too busy”... Doing a group activity by myself.... Always hiding because of being afraid that someone might notice me... thinking about dreams which are about miraculously discovering someone else likes me... Even killing myself doesn't matter because I know no one would care.... Silence does take over me.... i know it does, but sometimes something are out of your control .... This silence does one thing for me. Kills. It kills. With a burning passion. The murderer at large. Hiding away in the darkest of shadows waiting to pounce. Like the panther that stalks its prey. The helpless deer, or mouse. Not a hunter, just full of blinding innocence. Of the injustice and cruelty that makes up our world. The flames that lick around our ankles waiting to eat us alive. That ever dreading silence. When I knew, thoughts drifting aimlessly through my head, that we were through.

But sometimes its nice, for the soothing of a broken soul. Although nice probably isnt the best word to use. Its...peaceful, calming, like the waves brushing the beach. A sunset in the sky, while I sit alone. But who cares, sometimes the silence is good. It lets me really hear the world busying themselves around me. While I listen in complete contentment, with a smile on my face. Not busy at all, just one with a busy world.

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  1. You are not alone..

  2. ok.... this was seriously confusing....

  3. sometimes silence is good :>

    BTW I LOVE this pic in the post ... stared it for few seconds :D

  4. in the end, everyone has someone in their lives to depend on.
    you talk about so many people. i am sure they love you like hell:)

  5. pata nahi .... about them .... but i do love them all ... i don't know about love either i do care about all of them =)


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