The Khyber Project

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A project handled by me and my best friend (umair).... We were given my mamoo's car... to get it pimped... and oh by the way my mamoo is like my friend he is just 5 years older then me !! So its usually fun hanging around with me as we both are really good friends....
we started it from here ....

A normal car.... withdents on it... and extremely simple....

After that we went to our workshop (our in terms kay we have our sources there)... and got the car stripped :D !!

Ok if anyone likes this i won't be surprised this was specially designed by me and umair... you won't find it anywhere else... and if anyone needs support you can contact me .... i can get something designed for you as well... so this is an added skill i got doing this work :) !! And oh by the way we were giving the car an old school look.... so its a combination of black and white thats why kept the bumper matt black !!

This is my painter guy ... had to do friendship with him coz my mamoo loves banging his car so now this guy comes over and privately paints the scratches which we get on the bumpers !!

I should have definitly taken more pics :p ... we got the steering wheel changed... and the one we got is the old school one... if anyone of you have watched the movie GONE IN 60 SECONDS ... then you would remember this steering wheel ... which was used at the end... And the best part in this steering wheel is its horn button is like the nitro button !! on the two sides of the steering wheel so its fun using the horn now :p ... BEEP BEEEPPP !! BEEEEEEEPPPPP !!! :D

Yeah we were saving the money :p ... this is umair by the way ... he did the whole wiring by him self... which costs like 4000 rs ... so he saved mamoo that money :p ... haan we did eat out :D for doing this work ... anyways all the fitting was done by us !! of lightings and stuff... and even the switches were placed by us... in the above pic he is making a cover for flickers !! YEAAHH WE ADDED THE ANNOYING FLASHY FLICKERS IN IT TOO !! BUT IN A DECENT WAY !!

Doing all this work was very tiring !! so we had some HEALTHY food :p for us ... so we could enjoy doing work ... and it was freaking hot ... so lemonade key baghair toh we would definitly die -_-

This invention was done by umair.... you should try this ... not in this way but try dipping the chocolate busicuit in orange juice and lemonade and then eat it ufff zalim taste aata hai !! :D

I know you people would be thinking 'KEY YEH MUNDAA AISAY KAAM KERDA PAYA HAI TOH PHER PERDA KIS WAQT HO GAA' ... so this pic is a proof that i was studying along ;)

We got this silencer fixed this was really expensive ... it is of 5000 rs in the market but we had our resources so we got it for 2500 rs :D ... and its brand new ....

DAAA DAAA DAAAAAAAAA.... First look of the car... and we got it vinyled too :)

buhahahaha i love this pic ... it feels like his head is chopped off :p ... he was doing the wiring of parking lights at that time !!

First attempt with lights !! but it failed :( ..... one parking was not working :( by the way all these lights which you can see are just the parkings !!

Me doing the re wiring of the parking light !! and yeaaahh mai kamyaab ho gaya :p

You can see the car owner in this pic too :p ... and oh see the black thing on the back lights you won't see it anywhere in lahore... or even in pakistan this was our own idea... and a perfect one ... so keep guessing what we did with it ... but it took us 3 hours just to make this effect =/ ....

Hahaha this was the only thing he helped us... he held the light for us ... us key alawa sahab gee dekho zara si bhi help nahi ki :p nawaz zaday kahien key ... agay sey khetay hain i am giving you the money naah jo marzi kero :@ ... humari mehnat per paani pher daytay hain !! arghhh agay sey banda achay comments dainay key bajaye gandi si smile ker wa daytay hain !! key haan its nice !! UFFF taddiii AAAHOOO !! :p



So people what do you think ?? Waisey i think it looked better in real ... but khair i am happy with what we did.... and well we had fun ... and oh for people who want to know how much all this cost so lemme tell you it costed 39000 rs for everything including the sound system we got in it .... i didn't take its picture... and oh yeah we got leather poshish for it too ... and along with it matching carpet and mats... which were in grey and black color !!

And people who have seen it gave us really good remarks :D so me shoo happy !!

Sab sey maza tab aata hai when we are driving around and people start asking from where you have done this :p and also take pictures of it :D !! Paisay pooray ho jatay hain humaray :D !!

and oh i remembered for doing all this work we both didn't charge him... but he had to take us to 3 lunch... so we ate 2 of them... the last one was pretty good we went to arizona grill ... and to make you all jealous of what we ate :p see this :

Umair ate this ... its arizona beef steak with fries !!

Omer mamoo( i still don't know why i call him mamoo even though he is just few years older then me :p) ate this ... i can't remember its name... but it was good !!

And i ate this ... its called Mexican chicken steak :D !! ufff this was awesome !! Definitly something worth trying !!

KHAIRRR all the time we spent doing this, with umair and mamoo was fun ... It was honestly realy fun... would love doing this ... and this thing was done a week back ... but wasn't getting time to upload it ... so thought of doing it now... waisey bhi my next paper is of urdu ... and its tommorow... just 6 more to go !! I hope i get good grades =) !!


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  1. COOL!
    I know you want me to say something, cause you wanna argue with me!

  2. Yay no emo posts! :D
    I can't believe you guys actually did all that, it's so cool! :)

  3. Good Job done but what caught my eye was the food :P

    Keep Eating :P!!!

  4. cool u guys did a gr8 job with this
    man I'm hungry, in skool, luch isn't for another hour :-( and u and yur pics of food is not helping the fact that I didn't have breakfast :p
    but ace job dude :-)

  5. wow a picture post :D liked it!!! lol and ya i hv dipped cookies in pepsi :D its good

  6. HAAHAHAH nicee! i didn't read the whole thing lol skimmed through it :P the car looks pretty cool by the end ..well done :P

  7. oyeee.... the food and umair's pics are ALA!;).... and obviously .... its needless to say that the car lokks... HOT!

  8. this steak is devilish - Im hungry

  9. acchi bhalli car ka satyanas :s

  10. One word: LUSH YARA! =D =D

    Loved that car. I mean kahan se kahan pohancha diya .... waow!

    And yeah food seems yummy too.

    But that lemonade and chocolate cookie thingy seems creepy!

  11. becuz the food looks so good
    meanie :-p
    did the food taste as good as it looked?

  12. 8-) I meant you, meanie

    lol what was it made of?

    p.s. - it's me nadia, from now on I'm :-)<3

  13. ok dude my new name is not working so from now on instead of nadia Ima put my name as "khadija" kay?

  14. hey is that you in the sixteenth pic down?

  15. nadia aka khadijaMay 30, 2009 at 12:07 AM

    my real name is nadia ok?
    but, I just realized all that internet safety crap stuff and so i'm gonna put my username as khadija cuz I like that name better than nadia so yea my real name is nadia, but i'm gunna call myself khadija ok?

  16. r u asking for my email adress?
    i wish my name was khadija so that's gonna b my "online name" :-)

  17. i dunno
    i wasn't gonna post it on her anyways :-p
    yea i like that name

  18. add you on what?

  19. i don't have msn i have yahho messenger so to add you on yahoo messenger i need your email
    it's upto you if you want to give it to me or not

  20. thanks you can expect an email from me sometime soon

  21. You guys have done a fabulous job on that car! You really did deserve all that yummy treats at the end of the hard work :)

    Thanks for the pictures.


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