Why does it happen ?

6:55:00 PM

Why are you doing this ? You know i'm not strong... atleast not that strong enough... you know that i sort of love you or may be like you ... pata nahi am confuse and i seriously don't know why !! please, hurt me no more... Tommorow i'll get the chance to look in to your eyes but i know they have no reflection, your vision would be slanted, I KNOW YOU THINK I AM NOT YOUR... But why have i started to miss you ? But when you were there its not like you noticed, i dont think you care. So where are you going in reckless abandon? I wish you the anguish that you cannot see. I dont want to leave you but there are no options, coz i ain't leaving you... you are leaving me... not like leaving wala leaving per phir bhi you are going.... going away from me not like you were ever close but still.... you understand what i am saying... i know you do !! Hey I'm standing alone here because you've left ME.... or call it sort of left me... or maybe i am just being a drama queen (king sound better) or something... WHY DOES IT HAPPEN ?? why does everything becomes so complicated ? why does words start to have effect on people when they aren't with you ? Why does it happen that you start to realise what they mean to you just after they go away...


(Yes there is another charachter added to my life... well i don't have any name for her.... so lets call her SOMEONE.... and yeah this added another label too... and this charachter is not new... it existed way back but its existence has got strong now.... so thought why not let my words unveil...)

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  1. it happens so that we go through shit and come out of the mess as a stronger person

  2. when things started going not in way you want... samjh jao you are experiencing LIFE which is unpredictable for everyone

  3. another day... another someone.... this is what life is... one "someone" goes and the other "someone" comes.... life shouldn't be wasted on someones and somebodies.... its too short for that!


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