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Pls tell me that the paper got cancelled tommorow, PLEASE!!! Preparation is pathetic p1, and p2 went almost fine, but now i have fucking P3 and its a 3 hours paper and i don't even know a shit, am fucked up, i should have studied more, i don't even think i am prepared, and i call up everyone i know nobody is ready for it, so i was hopeful, but after talking to zara, man i am honestly fucked up she is well prepared even she remembers which questions came in the last 3 years... FUCCKKK!!

lol, i just realised one thing, fuck is the only word which can be used to express many feelings... Like Revenge- Fuck you, Request - Pls Fuck off!, Failure - i'm FUCKED!, Anxiety - what the fuck is happening?, Anger - Get the fuck out of here, Curious - How the fuck did you do that?, Love - Just fucking beautiful!, Lust - ahhh fuck me baby!, Pride - i'm a fucking genius!, Victory - i have fucking won that fucking competition, Sad - why the fuck does this happen to me? See we can fuck around all day, by using such just the word fuck....

And i was requested by angel not to swear and well am doing it again, i need to stop swearing. And oh fati somehow, somehow and i don't know which how i miss you :( .... You were the last person from whom i expected that you would do such a thing, khair shit happens, maybe you were right!

Am honestly being really irritated by anonymous people these days, some anonymous people are sending me flowers and cakes and cards, and now i got a watch, along with that am getting calls from 5 random numbers, emails from ajeeb ajeeb id's, comments and being swored at from again anonymous people... THIS IS SHIT!! DIE ALL ANONYMOUS PEOPLE OUT THERE!! JUST DIE!!!

And there are lots of new readers on my blog, and new blogs which i have added in my list, and i would like to mention some of them, which you should definitly view, well although most of them don't read my blog back *whines* per still just give it a visit as all of them are very nice in nature....

(click on the names)

There are more, but filhaal just read these, and oh pray that i ace my paper tommorow.... And i think i have an interview tommorow as well, i am looking for a job, and well i don't know in which field should i go in :p

Once again have to say this to fati, "Tusi changi nahi kitti" =(

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  1. best of luck for the exam man... how many you got left? I guess going over the questions that have repeatedly come up before would be a good move given the fact you dont really have much time...=/ ..apart fom that...whats good? seems like exams have taken over yur life more or less. bleh.

  2. Dude. I don't like all the swearing. It sucks. But insha'Allah you pass the paper. :)
    Look, say Allahu Akbar before the paper, and Alhamdulillah after it. And durrood sharif and ayatul kursi and whatever else you know, 'kay? That's what I do.


  3. ahh i can never understand the fascination youth have with the F word :-)

  4. Hehe good luck with paper honey x
    love u x

  5. :=)) tho I dont swear a lot the word F%$# has its uses :P I have an Mp3 of this pilosopher OSHO or rajneesh who uses it in 40 different ways you should listen to it :P

    As for your "SECRET" admirer :P njoii the attention dude !!!

    Wish you luck with your examz :) am sure its just the exam stress givin u a feelin u aint prepared :P

    Thanx for recommendin my blog :) Appreciate it :)

  6. oh u have secret admirers? nice =P lol i always though it would be cool to have a secret admirer =P now im having second thoughts...all the best for the exam! =)

  7. @Drama queen:
    hahahaha, see now i even give people second thoughts :p

    and thanks yaar!!

    well DON'T !!

    hahahah yeah i have a secret lover :p and well they love me alot ;) buhahahhaha

    and thanks i did that, and the paper actually went well :D !!

    and ssshhh, ziyada shor mat machao :p

  8. gl with the paper
    gl with all yur anonymous admirers
    lol the part abt the word was funny

  9. good for you
    anf for me so now i don't have to satnd yur complaining :-P
    jk glad the stress in gone

  10. :-)
    so i should be expecting you to be online more? :-p


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