Baba Maali (part 1)

2:23:00 PM

Baba maali (gardner), yes a very famous person in most homes and some do have pervertive reasons to it :p....

Anyways, today i was the baba maali of the house, weather was really good and along with that didn't had anything to do. So i wore my gandhi wali jeans and went out. The orignal gardner was here too, we just hired a new one. So we started working with the weeds, i made him cut them out, and goddii bhi kerwai!! Well i love thorns walay plants and i have lots of them, the one in the below picture i specially brought this one from isloo.... This one has a speciality it reproduces very very fast, so it requires lots of care and cleaning (yeah i love my plants alot :p)

Anyways, soon i'll be planting new vegetables, plants but no flowers because rains are about to come, they'll spoil them. Waisey the main reason of doing all this is i am making a badminton court in my house, these days we are full time into it and for that i have to go to a place which is 10 mins away. So instead of going i had this idea to do such a thing, which requires lots and lots of hard work. Khair lets see how do i design my garden and badminton court, i was planning to put thorns or vegies on all sides of the court (weird hai naa ?) khair, me going to sleep (i know am lying, per it has a purpose :p)....

And oh yeah learning french is expensive stuff, idea pls :( ???

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  1. A lot of people actually claim that since gardening brings you so close to the earth, it's a very relaxing activity.

    Hope your badminton court/flower beds/vegetable garden materialize soon.

    I'll be looking forward to pictures :)

  2. I like gardening..infact i love it... :P I also love plants...weed, and daisy, and roses :)
    Making a badminton court.. cool...
    That plant looks extraordinary

    Learning french is expensive ??
    I'll teach you...haha :P I have been learning it for seven
    I wanted to learn urdu..(read and write of course but is hard..:D)
    Chalo good luck with learning french..let me know how you get on !! ;)

  3. I love French. Oui Oui. -nod-

  4. @Nadia:
    Yeah it is relaxing, even if its hot it seriously does relax your muscles :)

    yeah i hope that too, i am planning to add lighting to the garden as well :D

    sure, lots and lots of pictures coming up soon ;)

  5. You wanna learn french?
    Try here -

    Good luck =]

  6. gardening....its better done oneself..than employ someone.

    I loved the plant, I have it at my home as well. I don't know the name, though!

  7. I <3 that plant, have it in my house too!! :)

    Go for French. I love that lingo, don't know it all that much. If you want to REALLY learn it, go to an institute and if it's just for the summer or whatever go for Ali's idea.

    If you want to learn spanish, i'm here! :]


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