Chashm-e-Kam sey na dekh

9:24:00 PM

زندگی کے دن کیسے بھی ھوں، گزر جایں گے
ایک دن ھم چپکے سے مر جایں گے
آج رھتےھیں آپ کے دل میں یاد بن کر
کل آنسو بن کر آنکھوں سے بھ جایں گے

Everyone has those memories, the ones that make them cry. And when they say it hurts no more, It would only be a lie. But for me, I've looked back at hurtful memories, like all of you. And then I recalled the happy ones that came with the sad ones too. so when I think back, to those sad days and inside my heart they'll always stay, I'll remember to smile. But at the moment I am the boy who dies a little inside, because—in my family or friends—I can’t confide. Friends another word which i belive i should remove from my dictionary, coz no one is actually there when i need it, per khair expecting things is wrong, There is no reality for me, I'm out here on a lonely plane waiting for things to happen to me. I should stand away from friendly faces on my lonely plane because freindship isn`t Reality to me. I want to curl up in what I think is better than Reality my own Unrealness. Yes I want freinds, i want them to be with me, to love me, to care me in the same way i do but I can't think of how I could make my way into another persons life, and stay there, coz for me to stay in someone's life is to cause pain and hurt to them. Maybe, infact definitly I should just stick with myself, the Unrealness I know and am comfortable being alone. What if I went into Reality, Would I be alone? I just wish, my family would understand me, or even the people whom i care about, may be thats why i miss YOU so much, coz you were the only one who understood!

میری خاموش نگاھوں کو چشمِ کم سے نہ دیکھ
میں رو پرا تو دلوں کے طبق ھلا دوں گا

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  1. No comments man, no comments! ;)

  2. umm... that was... sensational.... i dunno......... stp believing that people love you because u're useful to them.....

  3. Awwww Ubee this is exactly how I have been feeling past few days...amazingly expressed.

    With time you realise ultimately its all u n all alone :)

  4. @Aarzoo:
    nahi yaar dost toh hotay hain, per log wafa nahi kertay kher....

    chado.. i love that guzzal by the way ...

    us sey ziyada shayad main kuch naah keh paoun aaj...

  5. ubaid...... i dunno.... God created you for some reason..... that is very ungrateful thing to say....

  6. is this the reason you've been avoiding me? not replying my emails?

  7. Friends come and go, people walk in and out of your life, make the most of who you have.. we complicate tings, there are lots of people around, all you need is to pick a friendly face and confide.

    Be strong. :)

  8. i'll explain later

  9. well you'll have to ask or else i gunna forget to explain on my own


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