Death Season

6:19:00 AM

Michael Jackson's Shocking Death: 'A Third of People Who Have a Heart Attack Actually Never Make It to a Hospital'

Yeah well he died today, a legend with so many awesome songs, so many unique dance steps, and a person with lots and lots of money just died today.... He died at the morning of 25th June (today) in los angeles the cause of death has been reported as cardiac arrest.

Khair, a legend did die today.

And this was the first thing i heard when i woke up, i was listening to news, where they were telling that Farah Fawcett died, the girl from charlie's angel and boi she was pretty, and after listening to this news a breaking news came that Michael died. Said hai naa ?

There is death season going all over my side, 4 people died in the last 3 days, although they were in my extended family, like my chachi's brother in law, and my mumani's father and others but still i had to go to the jenazah, and i hate going there i always get the creeps, and its hard to sleep after going there, today too i have to go to KUL's of my cousin who was just 18 years old who died of food poisoning, this was a very shocking news for me, as he just gave his ASlevel exams and we both were planning to join french classes together and then i heard this news yesterday....

Death is inevitable, what it is meant to happen it happens....... Allah agay khair hi karay..... And may all of them go in to heaven. Ameen....

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your cousin. May Allah bless his soul. May he give courage to his family. Ameen.

    About Michael Jackson... it's a big loss indeed. May his soul RIP!

  2. May his soul rest in peace :)

  3. i am so sorry about your family.... may allah bless their souls.... amin....

    and about MJ.... he was ala.... wasnt a die hard fan but still....

  4. im sorry to hear about your cousin. May the almighty make that journey easy for him and give you and ur family sabr. Ameen.

    As for MJ, that was sucha shock!


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