Dhumchak dimchik

5:10:00 PM

Yeah all i can think about is some funky stuff :p main AZAAAD HO GAYA!!!! buhahahha, papers are all over... acha before i start my bakwasiyaaat!! Just check Beyond The Canvas i just uploaded something funky there :p


although i am going to miss the time i spent talking on the phone while pretending that am studying, staying at a cafe for hours and hours with friends along with the books on the table, showing others that how perhaku we are, am gonna miss all those friends which i made at exam center (yeah well 2 new PEOPLE ;) added on last day they gave their numbers :p), gonna miss sleeping in the car last minutes before the exam, will miss all the pranks we pulled off, will miss the cheating techniques which we practiced for doing MCQs, will gonna miss all the bunks we did, even the girls along with that, just to eat pratha rolls! Yeah will miss all the fun we had, and the hard work we did, Haan gee we did lots of hard work too, and studied too :D you can trust me on this...

Todays paper was just ok i didn't knew the first question at all which was of 40 marks but seriously who cares at the moment :s .... I just know fun time starts now, or call it hard work time, have to find a job and there is a long list will upload it as i make it, and any advices from friends are welcome for a job, already got one but i don't like the timings so won't do that, applied in OVEX, any other solution is welcomed, and oh yeah am teaching graphic designing to students, so any one interested am willing to teach, but that is some serious stuff, so hard work it is!!

Anyways, PARTY SHARTYYY!!! =/ naaah, getting bored at home at the moment :s OYEEE anyone willing to go for a movie ;) ??

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  1. Congrats! Insha'Allah you do well :)

  2. Yippeeeeee :P party time :D Seriously you will do well am sure :) God bless!!!

    I have an idea :P learn photography :) or a new skill would be fun na :)

    As for Parata rolls I love them too hmm here they r called frankie rolls too :)

  3. lol inshallah you will do well
    but that was the way i was
    like with algebra i cheated cuz there was this mad smart kid sitting next to me then i started to feel guilty afterwards and then i was like "what the hey" it's all over now
    so yea
    i'm up for movie after being cooped up in the house for a week straight :-/

  4. me either and this weekend is going to b so bz for me wedding, bbq, the list goes on


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