Dreamland awaits

11:02:00 PM

Spell the words to me once again,
I tried to peer open my eyes,
Wondering if this was the ocean I climbed,

I find myself drowning in the night,
Can’t find the light behind the dark,
Unable to reach for the halo I had,
Always above the ceiling of my mind,

Now its so hard to find,
All the places I tried to find my sanctuary,
In the gravestones and pavements,
My broken shoes and toes,

It’s hard to climb without a soul,
A motivation to reach a goal,
Where did all my angels go?

Why do I hear the sounds of the waves,
Blocking out all the words you say,
To persuade me that I’m stronger than I know,

I want to block out all the light,
Sleep in the chamber beyond the sea,
Away from the place I screamed,
To a place I can sleep on my side,

A place I can call Dreamland,
My fantasy and imaginary,
A realm above the light and dark,
With no doors except for one,

One that I have to fly to,
But all I want to do is rest forever,
Close my eyelid and wait in my rest,
Until someone says my name better,
In the tone I once knew before...

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  1. for your age, I say you think a lot towards love :) :P

  2. Transported me to a world so diffrent from reality too :)

    I Like :)

    God bess!!!

  3. @saanj:
    Yeah, this is beyond reality i guess... coz we can never be in such a place till we are alive!!


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