Ever After

9:24:00 PM

"I love you I have loved you all along I miss you I did not know until you were gone I want to be there Forever Through all the lows and all the highs I love you"

i still haven't seen anyone as beautiful as you, i haven't known anyone as honest as you, i haven't touched any one whose skin as soft as velvet as yours, your eyes always break me whenever i look into them.... All i can say about you is Aisi Aankhen Nahin Dekhi... Aisa Kajal Nahin Dekha... Aisa Jalwa Nahin Dekha... Aisa Chehra Nahin Dekha... Jab Yeh Daaman Ki Hawan De... Aag Jungle Mein Laga De... Jab Yeh Sehrao Mein Jaaye Rait Mein Phool Khilaye.... Aisi Duniya Nahin Dekhi... Aisa Manzar Nahi Dekhi... Aisa Aalam Nahi Dekha... Aisa Dilbar Nahin Dekha... Tujh jaisa haseen nahi dekha... I don't know how I met you in my dream when i know it isn't possible in real anymore, I don't even know how I had got there. To think it was for my own sadness that I reach you, It just felt like I was in heaven. You coming close to me, me holding you in my arms... I wanted to kiss you.... That was all on my mind. I wanted to kiss you as you sit and swing your head to the silent melody, i wanted to kiss you when I was imaging your smile. I wanted to kiss you.... I wanted to kiss you, kiss your body, kiss your soul, kiss your meaning. I wanted to feel you… Feel you forever. I wanted to feel you feel your groove, your heartbeat, feel your curves, your climax, your body, your smell. Your smell which always drives me crazy. Smell your hair, your body, your anger, your taste. Your taste. I wanted to taste your kiss, your skin, your body, your passion. I wanted to kiss you.... But at the end even in my dream i knew it wasn't possible, and thats the way it's going to be ever after.......

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  1. LOL @ the Lonely Perverted Soul's comment :)

  2. Love the new stuff the look and well dude your better than that!

  3. Does 'ever after' exist??? hmmm i guess i would say hang on there :)

    LOL @ lonely perverted soul's comment :)

  4. *sigh* ubee..

    @ fahimakhter
    nice to see u here :P yes hez better than that, he jus doesn't believe so *rolls eyes*

    LOL @ Lonely Perverted Soul


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