Failed To Express

12:30:00 AM

Tayray bin kahan hum sey jiya jaye ga, zid chor dii lo aaj keh diya. To epress, what you are to me is like expressing all the beauiful emotions present in this entire universe. Yes! I admit it, I was foolish, the one who didn't care, If admitting all this gets you back in my life, I choose to admit, because you definitly mean a world to me. The day I met you, even if it was just for a while, it meant alot to me. I was stupid, really stupid not to express you; what those moments meant to me. I regret and that too alot. But you know what, it was bound to happen, if i had a little strength I would have come to your place and embrace you in my arms, I seriously would. But still the thing which does hurt at the moment is that you didn't belive me, my one mistake which was just circumstancial made you loose trust in me, this did hurt me alot. Yet am prfoundly sorry for hurting you in a way which I never meant too. I wish, I seriously wish i could have you back in my life, and that too in the way which we already were. Zindagi bhag ker hum sey agay chali kash phir sey thaam sakoun tumhey chand taroun talay. Zid chor di, loo aaj tum sey keh diya, tayray kahan hum sey jiya jaye gaa..................

(Note: This is just a piece of writing, it has nothing to do with me... succhiii :p)

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  1. tere bina kahan hum se jiya jaye ga

    If only we could stop associating our lives with others, that's when disappointments start.

  2. hey it this still abt angel?
    or did you finally get over her?

  3. so then who is this abt?

  4. can you tell who i am? you know me try to guess who this is

  5. @anonymous

    hai naa !!

  6. UBAID! god its' me nadia - why didn't yu reply me flipping email!

  7. i wrote all of these before you talked to me earlier today....sry i yelled - buddy!


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