Heart you

8:32:00 PM

Disclaimer: Emo post coming up, so whoever wants to skip they just can :D ...

Memories take over..... have high fever at the moment, and have my business paper tommorow, doc checked it and he was saying, that i have overburdened my self so band baj gayee hai mayri, and i need atleast 4 days bed rest.... WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE... ufff i should be studying or something but how stupid i am, i am on my bed typing this thing out.....

Ufff this girl, reminds me of ANGEL so much.... you can call her dittoo copy, naah this one is a little more mature then her, anyways.... she looks 90% like her, and am not exaturating or anything she actually does, even the way she smiles, she talks, a little less paindoo but she resembles alot, khas tor per jab yeh naak chara ker ankhein dikhati hai DITTTOOO same its like her.... what the heck am remembering her for i don't know... i just had to put on the stupid serial and watch her now am sad and sick -_- ..... phhhhuuuukkkk i need a life....

But she is pettyy =/ ..... MISSING YOU KYA KEROUN YAARRRR!!!

Bohat yaad aa rahi ho :( ..... fucccckkk paper tommorow sleep sleep, sleeep.... study nooooo... this post is stupid... but what the hell am still writing it :D ok enough of it...

waisey i just remembered the first piece i ever wrote for you... i hope i remember the words... if not, this picture would help me....

ok it was something like.... aaaaa .... Always there... oh i think i remember... so here it goes....

Always there every single day,
With your fair skin and height,
Keep on smiling towards my direction,
Brushing my neck, rubbing my temple,
Tell me it'll be alright.

You kept on standing besides me,
As a friend, Yes, I do love thee.
For your presence always calms me,
When I surrender, you solve it all out.

When I'm in doubt,
You tried to figure it out.
For me.
For this worthless being.
I don't get simply why,
Would you care about me.

But I'm thanking you.
For always being my friend.
For always being around,
For keeping me company each day.
Thank you,
You gave me a place where others won't give.

GOD!! main start sey hi awazaar tha .... i always loved you :( ... even when you were my friend..... acha anyways, i better sleep and i hope you are fine....

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  1. hmm, hang in there, it'll b ok :]

    p.s. good luck for ur exam

  2. if angel actually looks like the girl in pics she's reli pretty

  3. so after reading ur post, i was just talking to siras about how i miss being totally, completely and absolutely madly in love...neat poem! ur angel must be one hell of a pretty girl...anyway...hope u feel better soon...take care =) oh and all the best for your paper =)

  4. @Drama Queen:
    Thanks for the all the best part :)

    and yes mashallah she is very pretty, and hey you can always fall in love ;)

  5. I ditto siras ^

    pretty lady ...

    errr.. and pretty emo post :P

  6. well then u must be pritty cute to get a grl as pritty as her

  7. @Khadija:
    no i ain't that great, but yeah i am cute :p allah ka karam ;)

  8. i wish i could see a better pic of you than the one you have on yur blog

  9. yea i posted that last comment before i saw the pic just now!!!
    you aii ;-p

  10. comments about what the pic?

  11. didn't i already give you my comments and i'm not gonna post my comments up here you'd have to ask me through email :-p


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