I Am

3:40:00 PM

I'm the whisper without meaning, the promise that isn't worth keeping;
I'm a tear without weeping, a guardian whilst you are sleeping,
I'm the thorn without a rose, the invisible ink when writing prose,
I'm your little albatross - I'm the best friend you chose.

I'm a poison without an antidote, I'm a lost preacher without any hope;
I'm a noose without rope, I'm the medication to help you cope,
I'm your melody without sound, I'm an unclaimed item in your lost & found,
I'm your unapparent sweetheart - to which you are bound.

I'm perfume without a smell, I'm your turtle without the shell;
I'm a voice outside your mind, I'm fire without the hell,
I'm beauty without appeal, I'm make-believe without being surreal,
I'm the one you lost - but I'm the peace you feel.

I am what i am

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  1. Wowwwwwwww nice pic n wunderful poem.

  2. Wow what a poem and cute picture

    Ps- I am not ur angel..i am someone else...likin ur angel is a good friend of mine :) ...

  3. @Brok3n:
    thanks alot :)

    and i love the antitode one line :p

    ohh, thanks alot :)

    so you say you know her ??

    how can i belive this ?? i never mentioned her over here....

    and thanks alot for calling me cute ;)

  4. haha so I log on to Twitter to see that you updated bragging about the new banner, couldn't help but drop by!

    nice!! really like it :)

  5. nope jus reading yours... found through a link..a friend sent and decided to to see it....
    Dont worry Ubee u can trust me.....
    i know ur angel her name..everything...i dont know u tho..trust me... i'll go according to what u say :)

  6. And i know she is the one u refer to as angel...!!!

    no problem...blogs very good :)


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