I'll Be There For You

6:40:00 PM

I will be the sun in your sky
And I will be the one by your side
I will always be there to get you through

I will be the one who loves you
And I will be the one who comes through
I will always be here for you

Time has flown by
Leaving scars on your life
But know that there is one thing
You can always count on
Being there for your every need
Just call out to me
I will come running

I will vanquish your nightmares
Banish your fears
Heal your sorrows
And carry for you
All of your tears
Honestly I dont mind
For you I would give my life

I promise you
I will share all the good times
Help with the bad times
Shelter you from the rain
This is my promise to you

I will fight of your worries
Take all of your pain
And hide it away
Nothing will hurt you
As long as I am here
And always I will stay

I will be your helping hand
And I will be there to help you stand
I will always be there to get you through

I will be the beat of your songs
I will be there to keep you strong
I will always be here for you

This I promise to you

(Dedicated to NimzZz)

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  1. i love the pictures
    and the colours
    and the poem is jus awesome
    very touchy
    n very well written :]

    thank you <3

    p.s. as i said, im not angry with u at all :]

  2. That's such a beautiful picture. :D

  3. Awww that was beautiful :)

  4. bless you with loads of happiness..may you keep all the promises u made, cauze promises are debt unpaid.

  5. Wow, this is good, absolutely brilliant. Hmm...i second to u writing this ;) acha very emotional and strong.."carry your tears"...
    Just wish someone was there for me, but that someone left me.. :(
    chalo thats lifes realities...
    (Probably because i am such a moron and i know you would agree on that one (:
    Picture looks nice


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