Illuminating darkness

10:20:00 PM

Looking up at the night sky
Stars illuminating in its velvety darkness
Glowing in the heavens like crystals
My eyes are drawn to the glimmer of the Moon
Drawn to her devine beauty, feeling her pull
Knowing what I feel, she is there for me
Emitting her lustrous light upon me below
Wrapping me in her embrace

The moon uffff, Subhan Allah, its looking superb, I don't even feel like going inside at the moment... It's not a silly little moment, It's not the storm before the calm. This is the deep and dying breath of this love that we've been working on, and here comes John Mayer's turn, wind has started to blow harder. The song, the moon and now the wind, waah a die for atmosphere seriously....

Looking at the Moon
I know that I am not alone
I know you are out there
From afar I can feel you
But do you feel me?
Can you sense how I need you
No answer do I expect

Who said being alone is bad? And come on people, you say me get well soon and hope it is over and stuff, but why? Isn't this better, no worries no nothing, just me, my playlist, this die for atmosphere and oh yeah somethings to remember, somethings to make me realize what am doing at the moment. Oh Gravity is working against me.

So here I will sit
Gazing at the Moon
Snuggled deep under her hold
Taking comfort in her touch
Dreaming of you
Thru this night
This Full Moon

Note: If this post doesn't make any sense................... then who cares :p

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  1. i like the moon too
    it's so pretty
    at times it is good to be alone
    like you said no worries

  2. Beautiful and the full moon always brings out the poets in us :)

    Its poignant, speaks of a cofort in being alone yet a longing for the loved one :)

    Keep writin n keep smilin :)

  3. oy baid ager ganay duntay suntay lagay gaye tou phir....? m sure you're not that unwanted.....

  4. and if you're talking about last night.... the moon WAS beautiful.....and beautiful's a small word...

  5. @Sunshine:
    haan definitly check those out, those songs are love and i have them with me too, agar chaiya ho i'll mail them to you :)

    hahaha oye i don't have holidays per i love sitting on the roof :D !!

  6. @Boogie:
    thanks yaar :)

    hehehe, haan abhi bhi logoun ko mayri zaroorat hai :p

    yeah i didn't have any words to define aur explain key how beautiful the moon was!!

  7. aah so people love you because they need you? ...... how sad is that?.....

  8. @karma:
    yeah this is sad, but people don't even love me because they need me, aaj kal toh they prefer hating me instead :D !!

    per yeah seriously... the only reason people are with me, is because they think they would need me someday... warna bakiyoun ki tarah chalay gaye hotay, khair no regrets... atleast i am needed :D

  9. you so totaly need to..... i dunno.... i hope its not true.... no more comments about that.... m... dumbstruck.....

  10. yea it's been raining here for like 3 weeks straight but today it stopped :-( oh well
    the moon is pritty

  11. yea but now i'm sad cuz the rain stopped :-(

  12. but most of the time the weather sets my mood
    rain = me happy :-)


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