Paper Plane

11:30:00 PM

I threw it out the window
under the cloudless blue sky
chasing my eyes
targeting your tail,
I liked the way you trailed,
quietly, flying alone.
I can see the breeze from it
keeping it up,
as i feel the same breeze
cooling it off.
I'm leaning far against my balcony,
steady and sound
like I would be on the plane.
I take a blink
and what do I see,
my little paper plane
caught up in a tree.
I wait and wait
trying to blow through the distance
I cannot reach,
but whats the catch,
there is no hope.

The next morning i wake up
and see the paper plane gone,
i twirl my head around,
my eyes seized in fright,
I gasp and groan
hoping it didn't go too far.

swishhh-- I hear
just as about I head back in,
and there it was,
snoozing back on my balcony
safe and sound.

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  1. couldnt read to the end but seriously.... the pictures awesome..... and talking of planes.... i wonder why i didnt really protest when mum refused for me to be join airforce.....

  2. Daaamn. Nicely done. Love the idea ..paper plane =)

  3. nice .. i loveee the picture :D

  4. Lovelyyy just loved the pic too :)

    Keep writin n sharin :P

  5. I used to love paper planes .. never learnt how to make .. always used to run to my mom for one :D

    nostalgic words :)

  6. Best of luck 4 the paper...
    i ll pray 4 u too!!!
    InsAllah u'll do well!!....:)

  7. reli love the pic :-)

  8. This was really cute.

    Paper places, paper boats, stuff like that all remind me of my childhood. I love it and maybe it's still trapped in me.

    Thank you for bringing back the innocent memories :)

  9. hahhahahhah.... me...? a rocking duddette?.... lol, ubaid.... i definitely give you less respect than you deserve.... it sometimes makes me feel guilty.... but the feeling passes too soon to take effect:).... :P

    and thanx kid:).... yar do you just manipulate and edit or are you into pgotography too?.... i mean is it just the graphics ya taking pics bhi?....


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