Phoenix - Rise From The Ashes (Edited)

6:58:00 AM

Before reading this please read پھچان first...

I can feel my life draining out of me; but I wait...
I wait for you to come,
Come and rescue me from this plight
I beg for you to come,
Come and fulfil my dreams,
I yearn for you to come,
Come and take me away from this misery
You're my salvation, my life, my entire being
You rebuild me, refine me,
You undo me, and move me,
you re-define everything i was
I am, And what I will be,
For you're my saviour,
my light in the darkness
I stumble and fall,
I follow you, I lose you, I find you,
and I follow you again
I feel myself wasting away,
I feel myself burning,
I feel you wanting me to burn, to hurt,
I feel you wanting me to change who I was,
and believe in what I will be.
I burn...
I burn for your love...
with your love...
and because of your love,
I burn and I'm destroyed
I cease to exist
You show me the light,
You show me my salvation,
You show me who I am,
what I'm meant to be,
And I'm reborn, reborn from the ashes,
reborn to you, for you,
now and forever...

(This has been completely revised, now the picture of the phoenix is made by me)

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  1. why do we make someone in our lives soo huge? i dont think anyone cud be our salvation.even its about love.. our salvation comes from within....

  2. I second Mubi >.>
    And i love the picture! :D

  3. @Mubi:
    Because God has made us in this way, that we consider our whole world in just a single human being, and i disagree, sometimes we do seek salvation through the person we love!

  4. @Mav:
    i'll just ask, have you fallen in love?

  5. no ubaid..God has not made us that way...we are not to seek our salvation from another human being...

  6. Wow what a poem.. .amazing and the dragon picture to go with it is great..:P

    Ps-The 'i-like' box is good. Nice songs..was listening to them just now

  7. can you hold on to that thought!
    cuz i wanna push in and share it with you :D

    i love the pic and yes i m a stupid to b backin u up at a post like this :D

    but i m helpless!

  8. rise rise :)

    but why do u have two three blogs :/

    aik hiirakho naa :P

  9. Lovely Pic Ubaid and you know what :) no one comes to your rescue , I speak from my experience, ultimately we learn to rescue ourselves . I relate to your thought in the poem but in reality , it is so far fetched :)

    God bless you :)

  10. AMAZINGGG!!!!!! this will b a definate fav on DA :P i love the concept and everything about this .. i esp love these lines

    I follow you, I lose you, I find you,
    and I follow you again

    ------ ANDDDDDD ---------

    And I'm reborn, reborn from the ashes,
    reborn to you, for you,

    GOOOD JOB!!! very well written <3


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